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David BraceCity Operations are led by Chief Operating Officer and Deputy to the Mayor David Brace. 

David Brace has an undergraduate degree in human ecology (community health) and a Master’s degree in planning, both from the University of Tennessee. 

Prior to joining the City of Knoxville, Brace was a firefighter/EMT in Knox County for Rural Metro Corp. and worked as a consultant in the industrial rescue and safety field. 

Brace has been with the City of Knoxville for 15 years, beginning in the Community Development Department in 2002 before moving to Public Service in 2004. After serving as Public Service Deputy Director, he was appointed Public Service Director by Mayor Rogero in 2011. 

Since 2015, Brace served as the Senior Director of Public Works managing the Departments of Engineering, Public Service and Codes Enforcement, Building Permits, Inspections and Zoning, and Parks and Recreation.

He is married to Gina Knapp Brace. They have three children and live in the Island Home neighborhood.

Deputy Chief of Operations
Chip Barry
[email protected]

Chief Operating Officer oversees these City departments:

Civic Facilities
Economic Development
Employee Benefits
Fleet Services
Human Resources
Information Systems
Parks & Recreation
Plans Review & Inspections
Public Service
Real Estate
Risk Management