Economic & Community Development

Deputy to the Mayor and Chief ECD Officer

Stephanie Welch
[email protected]
(865) 215-2029

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Downtown Knoxville at night

Stephanie WelchCity Economic and Community Development is led by Chief Economic and Community Development Officer and Deputy to the Mayor Stephanie Welch. 

The department encourages equitable economic growth and community development through the strategic use of public resources to leverage quality private investment in our city.

Partnering with other city departments and external stakeholders, we advance Knoxville as a premier location to live, work, play, and do business.
  Rebekah Jane Justice
Deputy Chief, Economic and Community Development

[email protected]

Cheryl Ball
Deputy Chief, Economic and Community Development

[email protected]

Economic and Community Development has the following areas of focus:

Baker Creek PreserveIcon for Projects & Places1 – STRATEGIC PROJECTS & PLACES

A strategic approach to projects and places in Knoxville to encourage economic growth, engaged residents, and thriving businesses.

• Pivotal community initiatives with long-lasting impacts such as: Multi-Use Stadium, Urban Wilderness, Transforming Western

• Place-based infrastructure along our urban corridors to support future development such as: South Waterfront Redevelopment Area; Cumberland Avenue Streetscape and Infrastructure; Washington Pike from I-40 to Murphy Road Project

• Learn more about strategic projects and places

One River WalkIcon for Partnerships2 – PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS

Create public-private partnerships that are future directed.

• Coordinate development incentives such as PILOTs, TIFs, and Grant Programs

• Investments to collaborate and support infrastructure improvements that complement infill and redevelopment

Southside FlatsIcon for Diverse & Equitable Housing3 – DIVERSE & EQUITABLE HOUSING

Diverse and equitable housing opportunities in support of healthy and connected neighborhoods.

• Intentional efforts to ensure the availability of diverse housing options, including affordable housing

• Address homelessness in concert with numerous external partners

• Actively manage disability services for equitable access

Market SquareIcon for Sustainable Growth4 – SUSTAINABLE GROWTH

Partnerships that inspire thoughtful, sustainable growth while maintaining Knoxville’s culture and charm.

• Partner with the Knoxville Chamber for regional economic development

• Coordinate with Knoxville-Knox County Planning to advance the City’s land use plans and goals ensuring thoughtful investment

• Partner with KCDC and City IDB on redevelopment and infrastructure projects to advance communities


Knoxville Chamber
The Knoxville Chamber is the official regional economic development agency for the City of Knoxville and Knox County.
KCDC is Knoxville’s public housing authority and redevelopment agent promoting community advancement.
Knoxville Knox County Planning
Knoxville-Knox County Planning is responsible for comprehensive planning and administration of zoning and land subdivision regulations for Knoxville and Knox County.
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