BMP Manual - Section 4

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Section 4 - BMPs for Industrial and Commercial

These BMPs are applicable to sites where material handling and large-scale maintenance occur.  They also apply to residential and commercial properties.  The BMPs listed in Section 2 – Activities and Methods, are useful for eliminating or reducing pollution generation and appropriate for these uses.

File Name Title Revised 
IC-01 [PDF] Non-Stormwater Discharges to Storm Drains 05/03
IC-02 [PDF] Outdoor Loading and Unloading of Materials 01/01
IC-03 [PDF] Outdoor Container Storage of Liquid Materials 07/20
IC-04 [PDF] Outdoor Process Equipment Operations 05/03
IC-05 [PDF] Grounds Construction and Maintenance 01/01
IC-06 [PDF] Over-Water Operations 05/03
IC-07 [PDF] Food Service and Handling 05/03
IC-08 [PDF] Power or Pressure Washing 08/07
IC-09 [PDF] Swimming Pools and Spas 05/03
IC-10 [PDF] Dumpsters 12/12
IC-11 [PDF] Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 05/03
IC-12 [PDF] Air Conditioners and Refrigeration 05/03
IC-13 [PDF] Farms and Agricultural Land 05/03
IC-14 [PDF] Response to Sanitary Sewer Overflows 05/03
IC-15 [PDF] Mobile Food Service Operations 03/14