Corridor F

Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
[email protected]
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Greenways Corridor Project

Please send comments by August 26, 2016. Make sure and note if referencing a particular Greenway Corridor. If you have any questions, please call 865-215-1733.
Cover Sheet [PDF]
Context Map [PDF]
F0.0 Corridor Inventory [PDF]
F0.1 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
F0.2 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
F0.3 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
F1.0 Corridor Concept [PDF]
F1.1 Corridor Plan [PDF]
F1.2 Corridor Plan [PDF]
F1.3 Corridor Plan [PDF]
F1.4 Corridor Narrative [PDF]
F2.1 Sections [PDF]
F2.2 Sections [PDF]
F2.3 Sections [PDF]
F2.4 Sections [PDF]
F2.5 Sections [PDF]
Cost Estimate Sheet [PDF]

Corridor Route Description

The Corridor F greenway corridor is approximately 1.80 miles in length and links the proposed Corridor I First Creek Greenway- Downtown East from the intersection of McCalla Avenue and Winona Street to the existing trail system at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens on Wimpole Avenue.

The Corridor F greenway trail connects to the proposed Corridor I First Creek Greenway- Downtown East at the intersection of Winona Street and McCalla Avenue. From that point the trail proceeds eastward as a 10-foot wide sidepath for approximately
0.45 miles on the south side of McCalla Avenue and then turns and runs along Cruze Street to the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. The greenway crosses Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and proceeds through Dr. Walter Hardy Park as on off-street trail for approximately 0.18 mi. to the intersection with Kenner Street. The trail continues as a 10 foot wide sidepath along the north side of Kenner and turns southward along McConnell Street to the intersection with Bethel Avenue, a distance of approximately 0.29 mi. The trail crosses to the south side of Bethel Avenue and traverses a proposed new park as an off-street trail to the intersection with Olive Street, a total of approximately 0.24 miles. The corridor turns back in a northerly direction as a 10-wide sidepath along Olive Street for approximately 450 feet. The corridor then turns and continues approximately 170 feet across a lot owned by the Knoxville Housing Authority as an off-street greenway trail to Ben Hur Avenue. At this point the trail crosses Ben Hur Avenue and proceeds approximately 0.14 miles as a 10-foot wide sidepath along the eastern side of Selma Street to the intersection with Chestnut. The trail then proceeds approximately 0.24 miles along Chestnut as a 10-foot wide sidepath to the intersection at Biddle Street. After crossing Biddle Street the trail continues approximately 0.33 miles as on off-street greenway trail traversing the slope between the parking lot of Shiloh Presbyterian Church and the adjacent apartment complex to a point where the trail connects to the existing greenway trail at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens.

Demolition in this corridor is expected to include removal of concrete curb and gutter, asphalt roadway and concrete sidewalk. The typical trail cross section shall be 2” asphalt over 6” base stone. Curb ramps and greenway trail crosswalk pavement markings are provided at all street crossings. No major structural work is anticipated in this corridor while curb and gutter and storm drainage improvements will be required. Limited brick and metal screen walls at selected parking lots and some retaining wall construction are included.
Greenway Connectivity

Corridor F connects the downtown area by way of Corridor E to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. When the Corridor E project is completed, the Knoxville Botanical Gardens will be linked to over 21 miles of continuous greenways. Facilities connected along this interconnected greenway trail system include several parks, schools, churches and a YWCA.

View Complete Corridor F Narrative [PDF]