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FREE In-Home COVID-19 Vaccines for Seniors & Tennesseans with Disabilities: A Partnership with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAD) & Home Health Agencies

What is this program:

Seniors and Tennesseans with disabilities (over the age of 18) can now get a free COVID-19 vaccine in their own home!

• They do NOT have to prove their age, disability or citizenship. 
• “Senior” means anyone age 60 and older. 
• “Disability” means any kind of diagnosis, chronic illness, special healthcare need or disability. 
• Caregivers or anyone (over the age of 18) living in the same home as a senior or person with a disability can also get vaccinated through this program! 
• This program is available anywhere in the state of Tennessee. 
• Vaccine provided will be the one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccine. There will be no need for a second follow-up appointment. 

The preferred way to refer someone who wants a vaccine to this program is for a trusted organization to input their information on the online form provided: 

Click here or visit StateOfTennessee.Formstack.com/

However, the individual can also complete the form on their own and simply include the name of the referring organization in the space provided.

How does this program work?

1. Complete the online form with contact information for the senior or person with a disability wanting a vaccine. 
2. TCAD receives the form and directs it to the home health agency closest to the person wanting a vaccine. 
3. The home health agency calls the phone number provided on the form to schedule an in-home vaccine appointment. 

*Please note: in some cases, it may be up to four weeks before the person wanting a vaccine gets a call back to schedule their appointment. 

Tips for organizations using the online form:

• Fill out one form for each person who would like to be vaccinated (ex: if there are 5 people living in the home, one of whom has a disability, complete 5 forms).
• You must input a phone number and mailing address on the form – this is what TCAD needs to move forward. 
• When entering the phone number on the form, do NOT input dashes (ex: input 6152345678 NOT 615-234-5678). 
• If the preferred language for the person wanting a vaccine is a language other than English, input that on the form. To schedule their vaccine appointment, the home health agency will use a translation service to contact them in their preferred language. 
• Your organization will not get to keep a copy of data input on the form. The data will go to TCAD, which will direct it to the home health agency in the area closest to the person wanting a vaccine. No personal information will be shared for any purpose other than helping the individuals who asked for help to get vaccinated. 
• If a community member is not willing to provide their exact age, as long as you input “18” if they have a disability, or “60” to qualify as a senior, they will be eligible for the program. 
• You do NOT have to speak with the individual or ask the additional COVID-19 related questions on the form. The home health agency will ask for that data. However, if you are able to, the more information you can input on the form the better. 
• If a senior or person with a disability already has an appointment for a vaccine, but needs transportation to get it, identify that on the form. When TCAD receives this form, they will reach out to provide free transportation resources. 
• The only type of vaccine available in-home through this program is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. However, if an individual would like a vaccine but would prefer a brand other than Johnson & Johnson, we can help them schedule an appointment with another vaccine provider outside their home or help provide transportation to an appointment. Identify on the form that they would like help scheduling an appointment or already have an appointment but need transportation to get there. If you identify that an individual needs this assistance, TCAD will reach out to provide free resources. 
• If you are completing the form for a caregiver or person over 18 years of age who lives with a senior or person with a disability, please identify that on the form or include in a note in the “Questions / Comments” box. 
• Caregivers/in-home family members will NOT be asked for information about their relationship to the senior or person with a disability, nor for proof of residency or proof of citizenship. 
• If you or the person wanting the vaccine would like an email confirmation that the referral form has been submitted, input your email address in the field provided. This is simply confirmation that the form was submitted. This does not mean that TCAD or the home health agency will be sending future communications to this email. 
• Feel free to share the online form and this tip sheet with other organizations
Stephanie Brewer Cook
ADA Coordinator
Suite 539, Office B, City County Building
Voice: 865-215-2034
TTY: 711
Fax: 865-215-4581
[email protected]

Misha Dziubak
Disability Services Office Assistant
Suite 539, Office C, City County Building
Voice: 865-215-2423
TTY: 711
[email protected]


(If submitting forms using online submit button, please use Internet Explorer)

City of Knoxville Applicant Accommodation Request [PDF]
City of Knoxville Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Complaint Form [PDF]


The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against any qualified individual with a disability. The Tennessee Judicial Branch does not permit discrimination against any individual on the basis of physical or mental disability in accessing its judicial programs. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if necessary, the Tennessee Judicial Branch will provide reasonable modifications in
order to access all of its programs, services and activities to persons with qualified individuals with disabilities.

This notice is provided as required by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If you need assistance, have questions or need additional information, please contact your Local Judicial Program ADA Coordinator:

Stephanie Brewer Cook
[email protected]

If you need assistance, have questions or need additional information, you may also contact the Tennessee Judicial Program ADA Coordinator:

John Coke
511 Union Street, Ste. 600
Nashville, TN 37219
615-741-2687 OR 800-448-7970
[email protected]

The Tennessee Judicial Branch Americans with Disabilities Act Policy Regarding Access to Judicial Programs, as well as a Request for Modification form may be found online at www.TSC.State.TN.US.
Request for Modification form [PDF]

Stephanie Cook at Suttree Landing
Multiple City departments are working to make downtown and neighborhoods – as well as City parks and recreation programs – more accessible to people with disabilities. Stephanie Cook, the City's ADA Coordinator, sees progress being made. She's pleased the City is prioritizing walkable neighborhoods, and more paths are being opened for people using wheelchairs. "The past few years have been good ones in terms of accessibility," she said. "We're definitely going in the right direction." The accessible picnic tables, overlooks and playground at Suttree Landing Park are "crown jewels," Cook said.
Click here to read full blog post
Celebrating 30 Years of the ADA
Celebrating 30 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law on July 26, 1990 Click here to learn more

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