Sick Leave Bank

Employee Benefits and Risk Mgmt. Director

Christine Stickler
[email protected]
(865) 215-2111

400 Main St., Room 504
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Occasionally City employees contract a catastrophic illness or injury and exhaust their leave balances. The Sick Leave Bank is established to provide an optional benefit for employees who wish to join in order to accommodate such disabling circumstances.

Employees may join the Sick Leave Bank within forty-five (45) days of their date of hire or may join during open enrollment. To join the Sick Leave Bank, the employee must complete the Sick Leave Bank application form and an assessment of two (2) sick days will be taken from the employee's sick leave balance.

Members who have participated in the Sick Leave Bank and who meet all requirements of the policy are eligible to apply for sick leave days from the bank. Sick leave from the bank may only be granted to an employee as a result of a life-threatening or debilitating accident, illness or condition requiring an absence from work for 30 or more calendar days, as verified by the licensed health care provider having primary responsibility for the employee's treatment for the accident, illness or condition causing the absence. All personal accrued leave (sick, annual, forfeited, and advanced annual leave) must be used before receiving sick leave days from the bank.

Each initial grant of sick leave days from the bank is limited to a minimum of five (5) days and a maximum of twenty (20) consecutively scheduled working days for each illness or injury. After the initial grant, an extension (or extensions) of up to forty (40) sick leave days may be granted per illness or injury. The total sick leave granted to any one member shall not exceed sixty (60) days per calendar year or 120 days maximum per employee's employment.

For more information about the sick leave bank, please contact Civil Service at 865-215-2106.