Tree Inventory & Management Plan

Public Service Director

Chad Weth
[email protected]
(865) 215-2060

3131 Morris Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37909

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To improve the effectiveness of Knoxville’s urban forest management program and the urban forest, the City performed a comprehensive operational review of its current urban forestry program and a tree inventory. An independent contractor was hired to assess the status of the City’s urban forest, estimate the costs and benefits of the urban forest to the community, analyze the current urban forest management system employed by the City, and ultimately make recommendations to the City about its urban forestry program. Davey Resource Group performed the urban forestry program assessment for the City of Knoxville and developed the City's Tree Plan. 

CITY TREE PLAN - View plan in PDF format

Section 1: State of the Urban Forest—this section addresses trends identified during the City’s tree inventory and uses i-Tree Streets to estimate the benefits of Knoxville’s urban forest and calculate a cost-benefit ratio for the City’s urban forestry program.
Section 2: Urban Forest Program Operations—presents an overview of the structure of the City’s urban forestry program and voices opinions from stakeholders about Knoxville’s urban forest and the City’s current urban forestry program.
Section 3: Urban Forest Plan—summarizes all data gathered for this Plan and makes recommendations for optimizing the City’s urban forestry program.
Section 4: Funding Opportunities—lists current funding and grant opportunities available for the urban forest

Click here to view the entire City's Tree Plan [PDF]


2007 Tree Conservation and Planting Plan [PDF]

2002 Street Tree Master Plan