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Do you need help?
If you need assistance, call 211 or view the 211 Resource Directory for help or visit Knox Housing Help.

If you need help with eviction
, visit the Renter Resource Center for help on tenant rights and assistance.

  Homeless Program Coordinator
Michael Dunthorn
[email protected]
(865) 215-3103
  Homeless Program Coordinator
Shawn Griffith
[email protected]
(865) 215-2866

  Homeless FAQs
Learn what the City and its partners are doing to address homelessness in Knoxville.
The City of Knoxville’s Office on Homelessness is responsible for coordination of community efforts to implement Knoxville’s Plan to Address Homelessness. This plan is centered on the principle that homelessness is an unacceptable circumstance for anyone in our community, and focuses our community’s aspirations to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness.

Knoxville Causes of Homelessness Q1 2022

Causes of Homelessness

Knoxville/Knox County CoC 10-Year Point-in-Time Results
Point In Time Results Chart

Knoxville 2021 Exits to Permanent Housing 

Exits to Permanent Housing

Quarterly data analysis can be found on the Knoxville Community Dashboard on Homelessness.

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry is a multi-agency intake and assessment process that helps connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness with the best available resources and housing in a community. The process ensures that those with greatest service needs and vulnerability are prioritized for the appropriate resources and housing. Our local Coordinated Entry System is called CHAMP (Coordinated Housing Assessment and Match Plan). The diagram below shows how CHAMP helps people connect with the resources and housing that best fits their needs.


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Knoxville's Plan to Address Homelessness 2014 [PDF]