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This manual provides standards for the design and implementation of measures to prevent and control erosion, sediment, and other forms of stormwater pollution and is intended to assist developers, engineers, contractors, inspectors, and property owners in the selection and use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the design of new facilities. 

BMP Manual
Section Description
Section 1 Main Text of BMP Manual
Section 2 Construction and Maintenance Activities and Methods (AM) Practices
Section 3
Erosion and Sediment (ES) Practices
Section 4
Industrial and Commercial (IC) Practices
Section 5 Residential and Homeowner (RH) Maintenance and Construction Practices
Section 6 Stormwater Treatment (ST) Practices
Section 7 Tree Preservation and Maintenance (TP) Practices
Revisions List of Manual Revisions [PDF]
BMP Manual Entire Knoxville BMP Manual [PDF]