Zero Waste Event Planning


Vasu Primlani [email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 598
Knoxville, TN 37902

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World's Fair Park Event

Special events like parties, holiday gatherings, and sporting events can significantly impact the environment; increased traffic, food waste, disposable packaging, and energy consumption can all be damaging. However, these events are opportunities to practice and promote sustainability. With a little planning, guests at any event can have an identical experience with almost no environmental impact. The City is always working to keep its own events waste-free, as well as provide citizens the means to plan their own.

How to Plan Sustainably:

Set goals
o Determine the most appropriate waste controls for your event.
Spread the word
o Be sure to involve vendors and patrons, and highlight the zero waste effort.
Use your resources
o Attend a special events coordinating meeting and contact the Knox County recycling coordinator ([email protected]) for experienced advice.
Plan for pickup
o Ensure that all recyclables make it to the appropriate collection center.
o Calculate your impact reduction. Follow up and congratulate attendees!

Additional Resources:

Knox County SealThe Knox County Recycling Coordinator’s office has consulted for Earth Fest, Brewer’s Jam, Sundown in the City and many other Knoxville events. They offer this service to anyone planning an event. Contact the office at [email protected] early in the event planning process for effective and experienced help. 

City of Knoxville LogoThe City of Knoxville’s Special Events office hosts special events coordinating meetings the 4th Thursday of each month at 9:00 AM in the Civic Coliseum Ballroom. With multiple people involved in the planning of different events in one location, the meetings offer a lot of experience to draw from while planning.