Permit Applications

Fire Chief

Stan Sharp
[email protected]
(865) 595-4480

Public Safety Complex
1630 Huron St., Bldg. C
Knoxville, TN 37917

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Asst. Chief Sonny Partin
Fire Marshal
1630 Huron Street, Building C
Knoxville, TN  37917
[email protected]

All permit applications and required documentation, with the exception of burn permits and building permits, should be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau for review and approval. Please review the guidelines associated with each of the following permits before submitting an application. If you have questions, please contact our office at 865-633-0400.

Flammable and Combustible Liquid Aboveground Storage Tank Permit

All aboveground storage tanks (A.S.T.) within the city limits of Knoxville with capacity over 60 gallons containing Class I, II, and III liquids shall be permitted, whether portable or stationary, temporary or permanent, and new or existing, and shall comply with all adopted standards, annual inspection, and zoning requirements set forth by city ordinance and the Fire Prevention Bureau. To apply for a new aboveground storage tank permit, or to remove an existing tank, use one of the following links for more information.

• Aboveground Storage Tank Permit Application [PDF]
• Installation Requirements [PDF]
• Container Guidelines [PDF]
• Permit Information and Fee Schedule [PDF]
• KGIS Maps and Zoning Information

For questions related to aboveground storage tanks, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-633-0400.

Flammable and Combustible Underground Storage Tank Permit

Underground storage tank (U.S.T.) permits are issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau. To apply for the installation or removal of an U.S.T. permit, submit a site plan, permit application, and the required fee. For questions related to underground storage tanks, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-633-0400.

• Underground Storage Tank Permit [PDF]

Flammable and Combustible Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Permit

Liquefied petroleum gas tank (LP) permits are issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau. For questions related to liquefied petroleum gas tanks, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-633-0400.

• LP Tank Permit Application [PDF]
• LP Installation Site Diagrams [PDF]

Blasting Permit

Blasting permits issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau are valid for thirty days. For questions related to blasting permits, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-633-0400.

• Blasting Permit Application [PDF]

Pyrotechnic Permit Application

All indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic displays conducted within the Knoxville city limits must be permitted. Note: all pyrotechnic companies and technicians must be licensed through the State of Tennessee.

• Click here for information on the state's regulations regarding pyrotechnics.
• Pyrotechnic Permit Application [PDF]
• Tennessee State Fireworks License / Permit / Regulations

The Fire Marshal will assign a fire inspector to monitor ALL pyrotechnics within the city limits. The monitoring fee is $40.00 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum. Events occurring outside normal business hours are subject to overtime payment by the company responsible for the display. For questions related to pyrotechnic displays, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-633-0400.

Building Permit Application

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts plans reviews as part of the building permit application. Contact the City of Knoxville Building Permits and Inspections for a building permit at 865-215-4311.

• View Building Permits and Inspections

Burn Permit Application

Burning of refuse or garbage is not permitted on any street within the City, or on public or private property within the City limits, except as permitted by the fire prevention code and by the local and state air pollution control regulations. Contact the Knox County Air Quality Management for a burn permit at 865-215-5900 or visit