Neighborhood Coordinator

Debbie Sharp
[email protected]
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 546
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Neighborhood ConferenceFor the 2019 Neighborhood Conference, there will be four breakout sessions / workshops. 

When you registered for The Neighborhood Conference, you chose a workshop to attend. That will be listed on your name tag. If you registered on site or wish to change your workshop, go to the one you wish to attend, wait until 10:15 a.m., and see if there are extra seats. If there are, feel free to attend.  Look for an insert in your conference notebook for room assignments.

Please see descriptions for each of the four workshops below and click here to view the profiles for all of the speakers.


  Conference Schedule [PDF]
Workshops   |  Speaker Profiles [PDF]
Info Booths
Door Prizes 
Parking & Transportation
Good Neighbor of the Year Award
Neighborhood Achievement Awards
Are you struggling to entice a more assorted group of neighbors to show up at your Neighborhood Meetings? Do you know where to begin reaching out to these groups? Do you know how to pique their interest? Hear from different neighbors to see what it would take to get them involved in their neighborhoods. Gain some insights into what might motivate these underrepresented populations to attend meetings.

This workshop consists of a panel of assorted, hard to reach, neighbors like college age, refugees, single males, and millennials:

Dijon Andrews
Almaz Gemechu
Jake Resor
Evetty Satterfield


Are you interested in a grass roots method to take back your neighborhood streets from speeding cars? Are you on the NTSP waiting list? Did you recently find out your road may not qualify for engineered speed devices? If any of these sounds like you, join David Massey, former Neighborhood Coordinator, and Don Lindsey, formally of AAA, to learn about Office of Neighborhoods’ new Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program’s third component – Traffic Calming Education.

Speakers are:  

Don Lindsey
David Massey


For a small southern city, Knoxville has a wide variety of neighbors from all races, religions, cultures, and abilities. Several years ago, we started a conversation on Diversity and had such overwhelmingly positive feedback; we decided to keep the discussion going. 

Join this panel to learn about living in Knoxville with a disability, as a Muslim, and as a Latinx:

Inas Al Sarmad 
Angela Petty
Rene Yanes
Fr. Ragan Schriver


Understanding Affordable Housing: Have you ever heard about a new development or business and said, “Not in my backyard!” or heard a neighbor say it? Are you interested in flipping that perspective to, “Yes, in my backyard?” Sometimes change comes to our neighborhood whether we like it or not, but perspective can make all the difference. Learn ways to address the change by asking the right questions: How do you know if the development is appropriate? Are there ways to work together to make this beneficial for both sides? 

Hear Becky Wade, Community Development Director, speak about how to work WITH developers instead of against them:

Becky Wade, Director of Community Development 
Hope Ealey, Project Specialist, Sr.