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Engineering Project at Clinton Hwy and Merchant Dr

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View Capital Improvement Projects

The Engineering Department performs all engineering and technical services for city departments, including design work and contract administration for streets, bridges, sidewalks, drainage and other public works projects. The largest of the contract categories is the city's street paving program, which has repaved more than 1,300 miles of the city's streets since 1988.

The Engineering Department provides professional expertise in the planning and design of improvements to existing roadways and bridges, working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) on short-term and long-term improvements to the city's transportation system. In addition, the Engineering Department also reviews plans and plats in conjunction with Knoxville-Knox County Planning and other city agencies. The Engineering Department handles traffic signs & signals, stormwater management, drainage complaints, stormwater quality issues, temporary traffic control permits, etc. Ward maps and other information are maintained at the Technical Services Counter on the 4th floor of the City County Building.

Public Works Service Center
3131 Morris Ave.
(865) 215-6100

• Responsible for the development of plans, specifications, contract documents and cost estimates for Capital Improvements Projects using in-house surveying, design & inspection services and professional service contracts.  Ensures compliance with federal, state & local laws and application of engineering standards.
• Manages infrastructure within the public rights-of-way including roadways, bridges and sidewalks to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.
• Provides technical engineering support to all City Departments.
• Reviews, issues and inspects permits for right-of-way construction and utility site development.
• Maintains standard technical specifications and construction details for use on city capital construction contracts and other projects.
• Coordinates with neighborhood groups, City Council, TDOT and other local and state agencies.
• Develops and maintains a survey control network to ensure a consistent coordinate system throughout the City, and publishes survey control data for use by KGIS, surveyors, engineers, developers and other interested parties.

City County Bldg., 4th Floor 
400 Main St.
(865) 215-2148 or 311 

• Conducts plans review and issues site development permits.
• Reviews plats, easements, and ROW dedications/closures.
• Provides design guidance to developers with Land Development Manual and BMP Manual.
• Technical Services counter, (865) 215-2103 (maps, engineering plans, ward maps, city block numbers, GIS topographic maps, subdivision plats, public rights-of-way, survey control data).

City County Bldg., 4th Floor 
400 Main St.
(865) 215-2148 or 311 

• Stormwater monitoring & sampling; NPDES permits; public education for stormwater pollution.
• Stormwater quality hotline 865-215-4147; emergency investigations of spills and leaks.
• Drainage complaints & investigations, coordination of city drainage improvement projects.

Public Works Service Center
3131 Morris Ave.
(865) 215-6100 

• Maintains and replaces traffic signals, pavement markings, and street signs.
• Conducts regular inspections and inventory of city traffic infrastructure. Investigate traffic complaints.
• Reviews, issues and inspects permits for temporary traffic control.
• Miscellaneous design projects for traffic signals, pavement markings, and street signs.
• Monitors traffic accidents and traffic volumes throughout the city.
• Manages and maintains the city parking meters.
• Works with neighborhood groups, TDOT and state agencies concerning traffic issues.


KGIS MapsOnline maps are now available from KGIS Maps, an interactive KGIS website that can display property ownership, addresses, parcel IDs, Knox County Property Assessor’s Parcel Identification Maps, districts, wards, voting precincts, school zones, buildings, streets, land use zoning, city and county limits, recorded deed references, etc.