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  Classification and Compensation Study Final Report for the City of Knoxville [PDF]
Human Resources (HR) Director
Kelly D. Drummond
[email protected]

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide quality services and support to the City of Knoxville by promoting the concept that our employees are our most valuable resource and will be treated as such. Some of this service and support includes:

• Recruitment and retention of qualified individuals, all while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the workplace.

• Training, development and education to promote individual success of employees which will in turn add capacity to the City.

 Providing the City with a friendly, dedicated human resource support staff that will be the best resource for managers and employees to understand administrative functions, policies or procedures.

• Plus many others!

These services are achieved by ensuring a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy, secure, and treats employees with dignity and equality. Our goal is to always have open communications, personal accountability, trust, and respect which will fully support and optimize the principles of the City of Knoxville!

Human Resources is located in Suite 564 of the City County Building. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 865-215-3100.

To request language translation services, contact the Human Resources Department at [email protected] or 865-215-3100.