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Engineering Director

Thomas V. Clabo, P.E.
[email protected]
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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The City of Knoxville recently finalized the Broadway Corridor Improvement Study. The study recommends potential upgrades for the North Broadway Corridor from Glenwood Avenue to McCroskey Avenue. 

The existing intersection works for motorists who are coming from the north, but those who are approaching from the south have no legal way to turn on to Hall of Fame, and westbound Hall of Fame travelers have no option to continue southbound on Broadway. It’s also extremely uncomfortable to travel by foot or bicycle. 

The study examined multiple alternative designs for the Hall of Fame intersection to determine the most efficient and safe design for all modes of transportation to travel, and also a context sensitive design that no longer would be a barrier that divides the surrounding neighborhoods.

• Broadway Corridor Improvement Study Jan. 13, 2022 [PDF] (30MB)
• Broadway Corridor Study Public Meeting Dec. 11, 2019
• Dec. 11, 2019 Public Meeting Presentation of Alternatives [PDF]
• Broadway Corridor Improvement Study Open House Aug. 14, 2009


• Draft Papermill Drive Corridor Study Jan. 2022 [PDF] (17MB)

(Magnolia Ave, Rutledge Pike, Asheville Hwy.)

• December 2020 Video Presentation on YouTube
• Burlington Enhancement Plan [PDF]
• TDOT Interchange Study, 09-08-2020 [PDF]

Open House for Magnolia Ave. / Rutledge Pike / Asheville Hwy. Interchange Study, 10-30-2020:
• Destinations and Barriers Display [PDF]
• Magnolia Ave. at Rutledge Pike Intersection Study Display [PDF]
Roadway Traffic and Safety Display [PDF]

Technical Memos:
• TM 01 - Initial Public Meeting Summary [PDF]
• TM 02 - Stakeholder Meetings Summary [PDF] Attachments [PDF]
• TM 03 - ADA Assessment [PDF]
• TM 04 - Traffic Data and Projection Summary [PDF]
• TM 05 - Signal Warrant Analysis at Park. St [PDF]
• TM 06 - Crash Analysis [PDF]  |  Attachments [PDF]
• TM 07 - Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Stage I Scoping Analysis [PDF]

(Meeting with residents of the Old Sevier Neighborhood)

• South Waterfront Proposed Greenway #1 [PDF]
• South Waterfront Proposed Greenway #2 [PDF]