Corridor D

Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
[email protected]
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Greenways Corridor Project

Please send comments to [email protected] by August 26, 2016. Make sure and note if referencing a particular Greenway Corridor. If you have any questions, please call 865-215-1733.
Cover Sheet [PDF]
Context Map [PDF]
D0.0 Corridor Inventory [PDF]
D0.1 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
D0.2 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
D0.3 Inventory & Analysis [PDF]
D1.0 Corridor Concept [PDF]
D1.1 Corridor Plan [PDF]
D1.2 Corridor Plan [PDF]
D1.3 Corridor Plan [PDF]
D1.4 Corridor Narrative [PDF]
D2.1 Sections [PDF]
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D2.5 Sections [PDF]
D2.6 Sections [PDF]
Cost Estimate Sheet [PDF]

Corridor Route Description

The Corridor D greenway corridor is a 1.1 mile extension of the Second Creek Greenway trail from the north end of World's Fair Park to Baxter Avenue. The trail extends from the intersection of World's Fair Park Drive and Grand Avenue as a 10-foot wide sidepath along Grand Avenue for approximately 420 feet. The trail turns off the street and proceeds along Second Creek and through the railroad underpass as an off-street 10-foot wide greenway trail for approximately 230 feet. On the north side of the railroad the trail continues northward approximately 0.33 mi. as an off-street 10-foot wide greenway trail to Van Street. The greenway trail continues along Van Street for approximately 460 feet as a 10-foot wide sidepath on the east side of Van Street. From Van Street the greenway trail proceeds northward approximately 0.56 mil to Baxter Street as an off-street 10-foot wide greenway trail.

Demolition in this corridor is minimal and will include removal of some concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter to install the trail facilities. The typical trail cross section shall be 2” asphalt over 6” base stone. Curb ramps and greenway trail crosswalk pavement markings are provided at all street crossings. Limited street construction, curb and gutter, storm drainage improvements and limited retaining wall construction are included. A new pedestrian bridge is planned to span over Second Creek just south of Bernard. A mini-park trailhead and parking area are planned in the area bounded by Fifth, Richards, Fourth and Van.

Greenway Connectivity

The Corridor D greenway corridor connects the STEM Academy and World's Fair Park to the Beaumont, Mechanicsville and Downtown North Neigborhoods. When completed, Corridor D will be interconnected with approximately 19.2 miles of greenways including the Bearden Village, Sequoyah, Third Creek, Knox/Blount, Neyland, Second Creek, Morningside and James White Greenways. Facilities that are linked by this interconnected greenway trail system include several parks, schools, churches and a YMCA.

View Complete Corridor D Narrative [PDF]