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Beardsley Community Farm
Beardsley Community Farm provides gardening education and resources to increase food security

Urban agriculture is the growing of food and non-food crops in urban and suburban settings, and includes things like small-scale farming, gardening, composting, keeping bees and/or domesticated chickens, and more. Urban agriculture increases our residents’ access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable food. It also contributes to Knoxville’s economy by creating local jobs and increasing the sales of local food at farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and farm stands. Additionally, urban agriculture helps to improve Knoxville neighborhoods by reducing blighted and vacant properties.

The City actively supports urban agriculture such as community gardens, backyard composting, urban farms, and farmer’s markets.

In 2015, City Council amended zoning code to encourage a broader range of urban agriculture in Knoxville. By removing barriers to agricultural activities on private property, the City and community partners can better develop programs that increase access to healthy, local food.

We offer several resources to clarify City regulations, permits, and processes – as well as some helpful best practices to help you get started:
   Urban Agriculture FAQ [PDF]
   Accessory Structure Fast Facts [PDF]
   Apiaries Fast Facts [PDF]
   Composting Fast Facts [PDF]
   Seasonal Produce Stand Fast Facts [PDF]
   Sustainable Food [PDF]
Many urban agriculture projects require permits. Contact the City’s Division of Plans Review & Inspections for assistance. 


   Beardsley Community Farm
   Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council
   Knoxville Permaculture Guild
   Nourish Knoxville
   Knoxville Botanical Garden Center for Urban Agriculture
   UT Institute of Agriculture
   UT Institute for a Secure & Sustainable Environment
   TN Department of Agriculture

Use this map to find a farmers' market or community garden:

To add your farmers' market or community garden to this map, please email [email protected].