Motorist Bill of Rights


Indya Kincannon
[email protected]
(865) 215-2040

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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This form is being provided as part of the ongoing effort to secure adequate, safe and quality service to the citizens of and the visitors to the City of Knoxville for the transportation of abandoned, wrecked, disabled or inoperative vehicles within the area of the City of Knoxville, Tennessee 


Option #1 (City Rotation Tow) - If you do not designate a towing service of your choice or are unable to communicate a preference, the area city contract towing service can provide the initial tow for the transportation of your vehicle to any destination within the city limits of Knoxville, within Knox County or within 3 miles of the City limits of Knoxville. The cost for the initial tow destination is governed by the Knoxville City Code of Ordinances and the Knoxville Police Department City Wrecker Rotation Rules and Regulations. Currently, charges for this initial tow range between $78.00 and a maximum of $180.00, depending on the category of tow and class of vehicle towed. Commercial vehicle (over 2 tons) charges range from $300 per hour to $420 per hour.  This charge also includes the first 48 24 hours of storage at the contractor's facility. 

Option #2 - At any time you have the right to request the towing service of your choice be notified to tow your vehicle wherever you chose to have it towed, for whatever mutually agreeable price you are able to negotiate with the towing company. These charges are unregulated and there may be additional charges for storage and other services provided to you. 

Under either Option #1 or Option #2, it is strongly advised that you obtain a written confirmation of towing charges prior to your vehicle being moved.