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A neighborhood organization is a group of residents who come together regularly to build community and address issues affecting the quality of life in their neighborhood, the boundaries of which they define. 

Neighborhood organizations listed in the Knoxville Neighborhood Directory include crime watch groups, voluntary neighborhood associations, tenant associations, and homeowners associations (HOA's). 

If your group is just now forming and/or you are not listed in the Directory, you are encouraged to apply for recognition by the City as a qualified neighborhood organization with benefits such as a listing in the Directory and eligibility to apply for competitive grant funding.

First, please read these procedures for gaining recognition from the City. Then fill out and submit this Application

New groups are encouraged to read "Starting or Restarting a Neighborhood Organization" for tips on getting organized.

Questions and concerns should be directed to Neighborhood Coordinator Debbie Sharp at [email protected] and 215-4382.

For Neighborhood Organizations that are already established, and you would like to send us an update to your information, please fill out this Neighborhood Annual Update Form, save it, and email it to us.