Scooter Safety

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Check out this scooter safety video from Visit Knoxville and our Do's and Don'ts list below:



Ride on Right of Lane or in Bike Lanes
Do ride in single line on right side of lane Do ride in bike lanes! Do ride in designated bike lanes!
Follow All Traffic Laws
Do stop at stop signs
Stop at Stop Signs
Stop at red lights! Riders should stop at red lights!
Stop at Red Lights
Park Upright and Out of the Way of Pedestrians
Do park away from curb cuts!
Away from Ramps
Park parallel to curb on narrow sidewalks! Do park by bike racks
By Bike Racks



Impede Pedestrians, Traffic, or Ride on Sidewalks
Do not park in middle of sidewalk! Do not obstruct pedestrian paths! Do not ride on sidewalks!
Ride Side by Side, as a Pair or in Greenways
Do not ride side by side obstructing cars! Do not ride as a pair on one scooter! Do not ride on greenways!
Park Illegally
Do not park on road! Do not park on road! Do not park on grass buffers!

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