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Fire Chief

Stan Sharp
[email protected]
(865) 595-4480

Public Safety Complex
1630 Huron St., Bldg. C
Knoxville, TN 37917

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Hiring Procedure info How to Apply info

Newly hired firefighters are paid while undergoing up to 6 months of intense training to become properly certified and licensed in fire-fighting, rescue, hazardous materials, and emergency medicine. If you want to be a firefighter we want you to be the best.

The Knoxville Fire Department protects over 100 square miles within the City of Knoxville, serving a population of more than 197,000 individuals.  With 19 fire stations and 327 uniformed personnel, the Knoxville Fire Department responds to over 28,000 calls annually. Calls for service include fires, technical rescues, hazardous materials responses, and emergency medical responses. Chief Stan Sharp, who has been the Fire Chief since 2009, leads the Knoxville Fire Department. 

Click here to learn about the history of the Knoxville Fire Department.


Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire Investigation Unit
• Public Education
Emergency Medical Service
- 1st responder for both BLS and ALS emergencies
• Public Education


Hazardous Materials
Technical Rescue
- Rope
- Confined Space
- Collapse
- Trench
- Swiftwater
- Search and Rescue
Critical Care Paramedic


Applicant must have reached their 18th birthday before their application will be accepted;
High School graduate or equivalency;
Applicant required to possess or be able to obtain a valid Driver’s License; and
No firefighting experience or EMS certifications are required.  


Bad Conduct Discharge or Dishonorable Discharge from the Military
Felony Conviction
Use of the following illegal drugs within the last 3 years:
- Marijuana
- Adderall or other, similar combination prescription drugs containing mixed salts of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine
Use of the following Schedule I or II drugs within the last 7 years:
- LSD, Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Crack or any other Schedule I or II drug


Recruits are paid while attending the fire academy. 

Base Salary

Below please find the current (2023) base salaries for positions in the Department.

Recruit Firefighter : $41,103
- This is the base salary during the 16 week fire academy

Firefighter : $44,213
- This is the base salary after graduation of the 16 week fire academy

Senior Firefighter : $48,746
- After 2 years in the rank of Firefighter, you may be eligible for promotion to Senior Firefighter
- This is a noncompetitive promotion but there are requirements that must be met for eligibility

Annual 2.5% cost of living increase in July, contingent upon approval by Knoxville City Council

First Responder Supplement

The City of Knoxville offers a supplement based on your level of EMS certification. 

This is in addition to your base salary:
EMT-B (Basic EMT):  $1,000/yr
AEMT (Advanced EMT):  $2,250/yr
EMT-P (Paramedic):  $5,250/yr

Holiday Pay

11 paid holidays per year

State Pay

The Knoxville Fire Department also participates in the State Education Incentive each year.  This incentive pay is in addition to your base salary.

$800 – Paid by the State of TN in the Spring, upon successful completion of all requirements set forth in the State Education Incentive Program.


- 1 to 3 years of continuous service [10 (12 hour) days annual leave] 
- 3 to 7 years of continuous service [15 (12 hour) days annual leave]
- 7 to 12 years of continuous service [20 (12 hour) days annual leave]
- 12+ years of continuous service [24 (12 hour) days annual leave]
Allowed to carry over twice the yearly accrual of your annual leave
- Sick Leave [12 (12 hour) days per year (accumulative)]
11 paid holidays per year
Pension: For complete info, please visit the City of Knoxville pension website (will fall under Plan H-UB – Uniformed Bodies)
$500 annual uniform allotment
Longevity pay
Health insurance – individual and family coverage is available
Life insurance up to $50,000 plus $25,000 one-time death benefit in line of duty
Long-term disability insurance plan
Deferred Compensation program
Wellness program
Employee Assistance program
Educational Tuition Reimbursement program up to $3,000 per year
One-time education incentive for newly acquired college degrees
- Associate's Degree - $1,000
- Bachelor's Degree - $2,500
- Master's Degree - $3,000


Application Submitted
Civil Service written exam and physical performance test
- Subjects on Written Test:  Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Interpreting Tables, Situational Judgement, Reading Gauges, Basic Math, Mechanical Aptitude, Spatial Sense, Map Reading and Vocabulary.
- A study guide is optional and can be purchased at this link
Submission of Personal History Questionnaire
Interview and tentative selection
Background Investigation, Medical Evaluation, Drug Screening, Polygraph, Fingerprinting
Ladder climb and confined space crawl
Fire Recruit Academy
Fire Academy Graduation
EMT training for those hired without State of TN EMS certification


Fire Recruit Training consists of 16 weeks of intensive instruction and testing in areas that cover all aspects of the fire service. 

Recruits will graduate with successful certification in the following:
Firefighter I with necessary training to test for Firefighter II
Hazardous Materials Awareness
Hazardous Materials Operation
Hazardous Materials Technician
Vehicle Extrication Technician

All recruits must complete the 16-week recruit academy regardless of previous service or certification.  The State of TN offers reciprocity for fire certifications with an IFSAC or ProBoard seal.  After graduation, those without a State of TN EMS license of EMT-B or higher will move to the next phase of training, which is Emergency Medical training.  The Knoxville Fire Department Academy is located in Knoxville, and is nonresidential, so you can return home daily.  Our academy typically operates Monday – Friday from 0800-1630 (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). 


The Firefighting Division is structured to provide for three (3) shifts.  Each shift shall work an average of fifty-six (56) hours per week (averaged over a twenty-eight (28) day period) consisting of duty periods of twenty-four (24) hours.  

Work schedule is as follows:
On 24 hours; off 24 hours; on 24 hours; off 24 hours; on 24 hours; then off for 96 hours (or four 24 hour shifts).


Current jobs with the City of Knoxville are listed at

If you are interested in being notified when this position becomes available, you may save a search on the Careers homepage and you will receive an email notification when this position is posted. Old mailing list cards will not be maintained.

To save a search, go to the Careers homepage and click on the link for "Job Search" that appears at the top of the page. Put the job title in the key-words field and save the search.

You may contact Civil Service for more information by calling 865-215-2106 or by visiting the Civil Service office in the City County Building at 400 Main Street, Suite 569.

Contact us about the Firefighter Explorer Program at 865-595-4673.


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