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Community Open House Events - Missing Middle Housing in Knoxville
Missing Middle Housing graphic The City hosted two Community Open House Events on September 21 and 25, 2023.

More than 170 Knoxville residents came out to learn about the City’s proposal for Middle Housing Zoning changes, get their questions answered, and provide input into the plans.

This Community input and additional consultation from Opticos Design, informed some edits to the original submission. The website reflects these changes and the most recent version of the City’s proposal.

To see the City’s proposal on the Knoxville-Knox County Planning site, click here. 

Read Public Comments from Open House            

Missing Middle Housing is one component of
an overall housing strategy for Knoxville.

What is Missing Middle Housing?

FAQs PDF fileMissing Middle Housing is house-scale buildings with multiple units in walkable neighborhoods.

These neighborhood complimenting housing options provide diversity of housing stock with simple, well-designed options between the scales of single-family homes and mid-rise apartments.

Missing Middle Housing image of houses

What are examples of Middle Housing types and are there any in Knoxville? What did the experts say about Missing Middle Housing in Knoxville? How does Middle Housing benefit our community? What is the City’s proposal for Middle Housing in Knoxville? How does Middle Housing fit within character of existing neighborhoods? What is the timeline for the City’s Proposal?