Section 4 - Policies


Indya Kincannon
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400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Section 4 - Policies

File name Revised
Index sheet for Appendix C [PDF] 04/18
Access Control for Traffic and Driveways [PDF] 02/02
Covenants - CPMSF (permanent maintenance agreement) [PDF] 06/03
Creek Restoration and Channel Maintenance [PDF] 06/03
Drainage Easements
(Withdrawn October 2022)
Easements for Stormwater Control and Water Quality Facilities
(Withdrawn October 2022)
Maintenance Access for Stormwater Management Facilities
(Withdrawn October 2022)
Stormwater Easements [PDF] 10/22
Maintenance Responsibility for Stormwater Drainage Systems [PDF] 06/15
Declaration Document Process [PDF] 10/22
Performance and Indemnity Agreements (Bonds) [PDF] 07/14
Retaining Walls [PDF] 02/22
Sediment Disposal for Detention Basin Maintenance [PDF] 06/03
Sinkhole Development [PDF] 06/06
Sixty-Day Letter
(Withdrawn May 2004)
Stormwater Enforcement Response Plan [PDF] 06/12
Stormwater Message for Curb Irons and Manhole Lids [PDF] 06/06
Stormwater Pipe Materials [PDF] 01/18
Survey Control System Requirements [PDF] 10/22
Underground Stormwater Facility Maintenance [PDF] 06/03
Underground Stormwater Facility Recordkeeping / Reporting [PDF] 06/03
No-Rise Certification for Floodway Encroachment [PDF] 10/22
No-Rise Certification for Fill Line Area Encroachment [PDF] 10/22
Stream Buffer Zone (Restricted-Use)
(Withdrawn February 2013) 
List of Studied Streams [PDF] 06/03
Appealed Concept or Use-On-Review Plan [PDF] 03/06
Post-Construction Water Quality Control for Proprietary Flow-Through Best Management Practices (BMP's) [PDF] 04/19
Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance [PDF]  10/22
Utility Construction and Maintenance
(Withdrawn October 2022)

Qualified Local Program Construction General Permit [PDF] 01/18
Utility Access Driveways [PDF] 09/16
Permit Application Process [PDF] 10/22
Permits for Utility Construction [PDF] 10/22
Permits for Utility Maintenance [PDF] 10/22
Utility Construction in the Right-of-Way [PDF] 10/22
Temporary Traffic Control Permit [PDF] 10/22 
Street Lighting and Overhead Wiring in the Central Business Improvement District (CBID) [PDF]  10/22