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McClung Warehouses and Sanitary Laundry

  Final Report to the Community - Former McClung Warehouses and Sanitary Laundry Properties [PDF]
Technical Reports:
Final Sanitary Laundry Report 2019 [PDF - 34 MB]
Final McClung Warehouses Report 2019 [PDF - 17 MB]
  Summer 2019 Quarterly Newsletter [PDF]
Spring 2019 Quarterly Newsletter [PDF]
Winter 2018 Quarterly Newsletter [PDF]
Summer / Fall 2018 Quarterly Newsletter [PDF]
Spring 2018 Quarterly Newsletter [PDF]
  Presentation from 2018 Public Meeting [PDF]
Presentation from 2017 Public Meeting [PDF]
Presentation from 2015 Public Meeting [PDF]
  General Information
  Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Cooperative Agreement [PDF]
Generic QAPP 03/11/2011 [PDF]
Generic QAPP 08/28/2017 [PDF]
  Former Sanitary Laundry at 625 N. Broadway
  Sanitary Laundry Cleanup Grant Application [PDF]
Cleanup Work Plan - EPA approved 10/25/2016 [PDF]
Phase II ESA [PDF]
Asbestos Lead-Based Paint Report [PDF]
Site Specific QAPP 11/21/2013 [PDF]
Site Specific QAPP 02/14/2018 [PDF]
Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives [PDF]
Sanitary Laundry Phase II ESA Additional Assessment 09/14/18 [PDF]
NEW - Sanitary Laundry Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives 04/03/19
  Former McClung Warehouses at W. Jackson Ave.
  McClung Cleanup Grant Application [PDF]
Cleanup Work Plan - EPA approved 10/25/2016 [PDF]
Phase II ESA [PDF]
Site Specific QAPP 02/06/2018 [PDF]
Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives [PDF]
McClung Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives 09/14/18 [PDF]
McClung Phase II ESA 09/14/18 [PDF]
In May 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the City of Knoxville $350,000 in Brownfield Grants to remediate contamination on two important properties at the former McClung Warehouses on Jackson Avenue and the former Sanitary Laundry site at 625 N. Broadway. The City is providing a $70,000 local match for these grants.

Both sites have unique redevelopment histories and are unusual in that they are City-owned. The City, motivated by blight-abatement and public safety concerns, purchased the McClung Warehouses portion of the Jackson Avenue site in 2013 from a bankruptcy trustee. The warehouses, dating back to the 1890s, were destroyed by fires in 2007 and 2014. The City acquired the abandoned dry-cleaning site on Broadway in 2014 in a tax foreclosure. The laundry had been a leading employer in the 1920s and 1930s.

For additional information, please see the City media release.

A kickoff meeting to discuss the Sanitary Laundry and McClung Warehouse sites was held on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at St. John's Lutheran Church at 544 N. Broadway. A project update meeting was held on Monday, March 19, 2018. Copies of the presentations from these meetings are available under the Public Meetings section.

For more information on the public meetings and EPA Cleanup Grant see the following informational sheet.

Starting Spring 2018, the City, S&ME, environmental consultants, and Robin Easter Design are providing quarterly newsletters outlining the grant accomplishments during that period. Please find the first edition of the newsletter here. Check under the Quarterly Newsletters section to see additional newsletters.

Comments or questions can be sent to Anne Wallace at [email protected]