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Knoxville’s South Waterfront Redevelopment Area

A 20-Year Plan for Revitalization and Preservation of the South Waterfront

A Vision for Redevelopment

The South Waterfront is a long-term improvement strategy for approximately 750-acres fronting three miles of the Tennessee River, directly south of downtown and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Improvements have included more than $61 million in public investment and $400 million in private investment to date and more is on the horizon.

SW Vision Plan Map

In 2006 under Mayor Haslam, the City of Knoxville adopted the South Waterfront Redevelopment and Vision Plan to put redevelopment into action. This 20-year plan for revitalization was developed with extensive public involvement through a coordinated series of progressing input sessions with the goal of creating a citywide asset, attraction, and destination while still preserving what makes the riverfront special to long-time residents.

Augusta QuarrySouth Knoxville has a more rugged typography with significant rock features. There are two quarries and the popular Tennessee Marble has been heavily mined from the area. Separated from much of the City by the Tennessee River and with tough typography, South Knoxville's wilderness has historically seen little development.

Realization of this plan started under Haslam has continued under Mayors Brown, Rogero, and now, Kincannon with a number of components coming to life such as significant outdoor spaces, a Riverwalk, increased housing of all price points, increased bike and walking transportation modes, and new private retail and business establishments.

CitySouth AptsAlliance Brewing sculpture
Left to right: CitySouth Apartments and Bike artwork in front of Alliance Brewing

Update as of February 2022

This Recap provides details on how we started in the community, recreational and connectivity improvements, housing, school, business and retail, infrastructure improvements, commercial redevelopment, public-private partnerships, and broad financial details as of February 2022. 

Suttree Landing

Next Steps

There are private developments in the works including Kerns Bakery and South Banks Waterfront development. 

A streetscape plan is scheduled for 2022-2023 for Sevier Avenue.

Discussions around a pedestrian-bicycle bridge continue but nothing solid has been determined. Get an update on the Ped-Bike Bridge here

While not directly in the South Waterfront Redevelopment Area, the Urban Wilderness is connected to Waterfront and additional work on the Urban Wilderness Gateway Park is coming soon. 

• Knoxville's Urban Wilderness Master Plan 2016