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Ramps elevation

  Jackson Ave. Ramps FAQs
  Click here to view frequently asked questions and answers about the Jackson Ave. Ramps Project.
Projected Bid Date: 2019

The Jackson Avenue Ramps are included within the TDOT Bridge Inventory and inspected on a bi-annual basis. The poor rating of the ramps resulted in qualification for participation in the federal bridge replacement program. TDOT is allowing local agencies to administer projects that effect local streets. Therefore, the City will administer all phases of this project including preliminary engineering, right-of-way and construction. 

Jackson Ave Detour Map08/05/19 - Detour Map [PDF]
• 08/05/19 - Public Meeting on Jackson Ave. Ramp Replacement Project
• 08/05/19 - Public Meeting Handout [PDF]
06/19/19 - Replacement of Jackson Ave. Ramps to Begin Late Summer
Engineering Project Sheet - Jackson Ave. Ramps Project [PDF]
Jackson Ramps Existing Conditions [PDF]
Jackson Ramps Option 1 [PDF]
Jackson Ramps Option 2 [PDF]
Jackson Ramp Design 1.2 [PDF]
Jackson Ramp Design 1.3 [PDF]
Jackson Ramp Design 1.4 [PDF]
06/27/06 Public Meeting Comments [PDF]
10/09/06 Public Meeting Comments [PDF]
Jackson Ave. Ramp Existing Plans Drawing [PDF]
Jackson Ave. Ramp Elevated Rendering [PDF]
• KUB Blog on Utility Work & Construction Progress

Downtown Knoxville Alliance Adds Creative Signage to Aid During Ramps, Viaduct Closures
The Downtown Knoxville Alliance is taking creative steps to show that businesses affected by the Jackson Avenue ramp and Broadway viaduct closures will remain open and accessible, including driver- and pedestrian-friendly messages, sidewalk directionals and a long fence screen with large icons. View Press Release

Access Map


Projected Bid Date: Fall 2016

The East Jackson Avenue Streetscapes plan had its beginnings when The City of Knoxville contracted with the East Tennessee Community Design Center to conduct a series of charettes to determine common community desires in the Historic Old City. As a result of this work, a contract was awarded to CDM Smith for $278,400 to develop construction plans for the portion of E. Jackson Avenue from the eastern most ramp on E. Jackson Street to Patton Street. These plans will detail the complete streetscape including street lighting and sidewalk replacement. The project will further the City of Knoxville goal to better connect the Old City to the University of Tennessee, Worlds Fair Park, and the rest of downtown as development continues. This will also encourage redevelopment along the Jackson Avenue corridor. Phased construction is slated to begin in 2017. 

05/15/14 Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]
05/15/14 Public Meeting Comments [PDF]


Projected Bid Date: Fall 2016

The Designer for the Jackson Avenue West Streetscapes/Stabilization Project is Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc. The project originated in 2005 through funding from a Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) High Priority Project for the Upper Second Creek/Old City Greenway, PIN 107380.00. The TDOT contract calls for the City of Knoxville to design and construct a pedestrian connection of approximately 2,400 linear feet from the intersection of World's Fair Park Drive and Grand Avenue to the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Gay Street. The HPP funding was distributed over a 5-year period beginning in 2005 at 20% per year. The proposed project will provide pedestrian connectivity, while streetscape improvements will encourage redevelopment along the Jackson Avenue corridor. 

Jackson Ave. West End View [PDF]
Jackson Ave. West End Section View [PDF]
10/13/2016 Public Meeting Media Advisory [PDF]
10/13/2016 Public Meeting Presentation [PDF]
Engineering Project Sheet - Old City Streetscapes, North Side of W. Jackson Ave. Project [PDF]
Engineering Project Sheet - W. Jackson Ave. Streetscapes [PDF]


In the spring of 2014, City of Knoxville officials asked for public input on how to reshape the 500 block of West Jackson Avenue, following a fire that destroyed the last of the historic McClung Warehouse buildings. Below are comments received from the public.

04/03/14 Public Meeting Comments [PDF]
04/04/14 Press Release: Gathering Public Input; West Jackson Ave. Redevelopment [PDF]

In May 2016, the City was awarded a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the amount of $150,000 for cleanup of the five-acre former McClung Warehouse industrial sites. Additional information can be found on the City media release, or detailed information on the Office of Redevelopment EPA Cleanup Grants.

Engineering Project Sheet - W. Jackson Ave. Streetscapes [PDF]