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Neighborhood ConferenceThe 2017 Neighborhood Conference took place on Saturday, March 11 

SPEAKERS and MODERATORS provided perspectives on a wide variety of topics of interest to neighborhood organizations. See who did what in this list of  Workshop Descriptions.

See the hand-outs and Power Point presentations.

SPONSORS made this conference possible financially. Please review the list of sponsors and make a point to thank them if you get a chance.

VOLUNTEERS made the conference work in many, many ways.
We thank them here.

EXHIBITORS -- over 85 governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations -- provided neighborhoods with ideas, information, and networking possibilities. See the list of information booths.

Finally, DOOR PRIZE DONORS made for a great send-off for many lucky winners. See the list of donors and thank them if you can.

This conference is a project of the City of Knoxville's Office of Neighborhoods and is planned in cooperation with the Neighborhood Advisory Council and many city departments.