Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Service Director

Vicki Hatfield
[email protected]
(865) 215-2106

400 Main St., Suite 569
Knoxville, TN 37902

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How do I apply for a job with the City of Knoxville?
If you are interested in a posted vacant position, you must submit an online application. Complete details about how to obtain information about job vacancies and how to go about the application process appear on the How to Apply for a Job page.

What if I want to apply for a job that does not currently have a vacancy?
The Civil Service Department only accepts applications for positions that are currently posted as a vacancy. If you are interested in a job that is not currently vacant you can save a job search on your Careers home page and you will be notified of future openings. You can find details about how to do this in the Applicant User Manual available on our website.

How do I contact the Civil Service Department?
Contact information is listed below. You may also obtain E-mail addresses from our Civil Services Staff page.

Civil Service Department
City County Building
400 Main Street, Suite 569
Knoxville, TN 37902

Main Office: 865-215-2106
TDD: 865-215-2900
Job Line: 865-215-2562
Fax: 865-215-4270

Where is the Civil Service Department located?
We are in downtown Knoxville at the City County Building, 400 Main St., on the 5th floor in Suite 569. If you need directions, please call us at 865-215-2106.

Will I have to take a test if I apply for a job?
The examination requirements for each job vacancy will be listed on each posting announcement. Most City of Knoxville jobs do require a test. Each position has its own test and the test will relate to knowledge specific for that job. There are three general types of tests that may be required in any combination: a written test, a structured oral interview, or a training and experience questionnaire. Once your application is received, you will be given specific information about the test, if one is required.

If I have to take a written exam, how does the testing process work?
If you are required to take a written test, you will be scheduled once your application is received and it has been determined that you meet the minimum qualifications for the job. You will receive an exam notice via email, with the exam date and time. After the exam, you will be notified of your score by email. Scores will not be given out over the phone. If you pass the exam, you will be placed on the Eligible Register, a list of individuals who are eligible for employment. Names on the eligible register are ranked by score, from highest to lowest for each job. Your ranking on the register can change as individuals are added, hired, or removed from the register. For each vacant position, the top 5 names are referred to the department for consideration. Your name can remain on the register for a position for one year after you take the exam.

What is "Civil Service" status?
Civil Service status is granted to individuals who have completed their probationary period with the City of Knoxville. This probationary period usually involves being in the same job class for one year. After the probationary period, Civil Service status entitles employees of the city to certain rights and benefits. More information can be obtained in the Civil Service office.

What types of benefits does the City offer?
The City of Knoxville offers an extensive benefits package to its employees. In addition to competitive salaries, the City offers annual salary increases of 2.5%. Employees can choose from several health plans, will receive a Vision Plan, and can also select optional Dental Insurance and Family Coverage. The City also offers a Pension plan and a Deferred Compensation plan for retirement, with a contribution match. Employees also receive Life Insurance, Longevity Benefits, Military Leave, Maternity Leave, Bereavement Leave, a Wellness Program, Employee Assistance Program, and offers a Long Term Disability Plan. Employees can earn 12 sick days per year and up to 24 vacation days, depending on length of service. City Employees also receive 9 paid holidays each year. The City also offers a Tuition Reimbursement Program. Other benefit information can be obtained by calling the Civil Service office or by visiting the Benefits page.

More information?

If you have any additional questions, please call the Civil Service Department at 865-215-2106.