Councilman Daniel Brown's Statement from March 1, 2016 City Council Meeting


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Daniel Brown6th District Councilman and former Mayor Daniel Brown made this statement at the March 1, 2016, City Council meeting, endorsing the proposed Magnolia Avenue Streetscape project:

As a native Knoxvillian and East Knox resident, born and raised, I have endured segregation and urban renewal in this city that is home. The urban renewal of the 1950s and ’60s is not the same as this plan. I have myself marched and protested here and in other cities on many causes. However, I do not feel this particular plan would be bad. Rather, it will be helpful.

I would like to offer my support for the Magnolia Streetscape plan.

Many people that I have spoken to or contacted are not in opposition to the plan. I have been present at neighborhood and community meetings where the plan has been presented and heard little or no opposition to the plan from various groups.

Most are residents and/or business owners of the area who look forward to improvements in the area. The plan would upgrade and beautify the area, which hopefully will lead to private investment and economic development and jobs.

Investment opportunities by minorities and others would help to revitalize the area and restore Magnolia and that part of East Knoxville to its former glory, along with the redevelopment of Walter P. Taylor Homes and other projects, such as the Williams Creek Greenway, the Botanical Gardens and improvements at Chilhowee Park and Zoo Knoxville.

While I do respect the right of citizens to oppose any plan that spends taxpayer dollars, as the 6th District representative, I plan to listen to all of the people in the district and take into account what is good for the residents both short term and long term in regards to this matter.

It is my desire that we as a community can and will work together for future improvements on other projects as we go forward as a city of progress.