Community Heritage Program

Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
[email protected]
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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benchThe Community Heritage Program offers a way to honor a friend or memorialize a loved one through a heritage bench or a heritage tree.


This is a way for citizens to celebrate a new life, honor a friend, or remember a loved one by placing a bench in a city park or along a greenway for all patrons to enjoy. View the Community Heritage Details & Application Form [PDF].

The Parks and Recreation Department has many beautiful greenways and parks that would be the perfect place to commemorate your loved ones. 

Sites for bench placement can be requested for approval by the Parks and Recreation Department. The City of Knoxville will install the bench.

A custom bronze plaque will be inscribed with wording of your choice and placed on the bench, forever honoring your loved one. 

celebration benchThe plaque will accommodate up to three lines of text (estimated 76 characters). This is included in the price of the bench. See page 3 of the Community Heritage Details & Application Form [PDF] for proper estimation of lines of text.

A Heritage bench will not be replaced by the City after the bench’s lifetime.  Any defects that occur which are covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty will be addressed, and the City may make repairs of minor damage to the bench if possible.  Also, the City makes no guarantee that any view from a selected bench location will be maintained after installation.


"It has been a delight to walk in the park and see young and old alike using the bench."
- Irene Melomo

Mrs. Melomo had a bench installed at West Hills Park in memory of her husband, Vincent Melomo.
"I purchased a Celebration Bench in memory of two people in my family who loved the outdoors. We chose to have our bench placed at a scenic location. You've designed a wonderful program."
- Mary Todd Finch

Ms. Finch purchased a bench from the City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation Department in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ross.
Size: 6 ft. in length 
Material: recycled solid steel 
Weight: 250 lbs. 
Color: hunter green 
Accessories: 2 armrests 
Bronze Plaque: 2”x10” with recessed custom lettering

SUGGESTED LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM (Other locations may be requested)

- West Hills Park, Jean Teague Greenway, and John Bynon Greenway
Adair Park and Sue Clancy Greenway
- Caswell Park
Cavet Station Greenway
Community Unity Park & Greenway
First Creek park & Greenway 
Fountain City Park & Greenway
- Gary Underwood Park  and Gary Underwood Greenway
Holston River Park and Holston River Greenway
James White Greenway
- Malcolm Martin Park and Malcolm Martin Greenway
Mary Vestal Park and Mary Vestal Greenway
Middlebrook Pike Greenway
Morningside Park and Morningside Greenway
Neyland Greenway
- Northwest Middle School Park and Northwest Greenway
- Sequoyah Park and Greenway
- Third Creek Greenway
- Victor Ashe Park and Victor Ashe Greenway
- Weisgarber Greenway
- West View Park and West View Greenway
- Will Skelton Greenway and Ijams Nature Center


Citizens can purchase a hunter green steel bench by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department.  The Parks and Recreation Department office is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to4:30 p.m. and can be reached at 311 or 865-215-4311. Purchase Now


Heritage Tree
View Community Heritage Tree Species [PDF]
Help to beautify and improve the experience of our parks and greenways while honoring/ memorializing your friends and loved ones at the same time.
Locations in parks and along greenways may be requested, and will be reviewed by City staff for approval.   

Heritage Tree Species Options 
$300.00 each Purchase Now

Ornamental Trees (5’-6’ height)
Cocksbur Hawthorn
Flowering Dogwood
Paw Paw
Downy Serviceberry
Sweetbay Magnolia

Shade Trees (1.5”-2” caliber)
***longer life expectancy than ornamentals***
American Linden
Bald Cypress
Bur Oak
Kentucky Coffeetree
Post Oak
River Birch
Southern Red Oak
Tulip Poplar
White Pine

*For optimal tree growth and survival, tree planting season occurs during the dormant months of December through March.