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KPD Recruiter
865-215-7111 or [email protected]

The Personnel Section is responsible for all aspects of Personnel Management for employees of the Knoxville Police Department. Employee files are maintained in both hard copy and on the departments record management system. Personnel coordinates training and transfer opportunities for the department, coordinates random drug and alcohol testing for employees, coordinates and schedules requests for secondary employment, disseminates annual and promotional performance evaluations, assists in the promotional process and distributing mail for the department. The Personnel Unit also coordinates requisitions for vacancies within the department, schedules interviews, and assists with the interview, selection and orientation process of new employees.

The Personnel Section is also responsible for the recruitment efforts of the Knoxville Police Department. Working in conjunction with the City of Knoxville Civil Service Department, recruiters actively seek qualified applicants. Recruiters visit career fairs, educational institutions, military bases, community organizations and area churches to encourage qualified applicants to apply for employment with the city. Recruiters work to attract the best possible applicants for the Explorer Program, Cadet Program, and Police Recruit positions. Recruiters are available to answer questions, for applicants, about our hiring process. To speak with a recruiter, please call 865-215-7111 or go to www.JoinKnoxPD.com.

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