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Call KPD Non-Emergency Phone Number at 865-215-4010

When Should I Call the Non-Emergency Line?

The Field Operations Bureau is the backbone of the Knoxville Police Department. Embodying the true pride and tradition of the department, the Field Operations Bureau is marked by a philosophy of teamwork. The bureau's primary function, in its simplest terms, is the prevention and deterrence of criminal activity and the provision of day-to-day police service to the community.

The work performed by this bureau is massive in its scope. While usually occurring in a motor vehicle, officers may also respond on foot, bicycle, boat, or motorcycle to calls for police service.

Field Operations Bureau officers are responsible for order maintenance and problem solving in the community. Unlike departmental members assigned to specific tasks, the uniformed patrol officer must be knowledgeable and proficient at a variety of tasks. The uniformed officers are highly trained in recognizing neighborhood concerns in addition to criminal activity.

Officers assigned to this bureau are the most visible symbols of all city services and considered the foundations on which other police services are delivered.

Field Operations District and Beat Map
(click map for larger in PDF format - 5MB)

Field Operations District & Beat Map

Deputy Chief Gass Deputy Chief Cindy Gass
Field Operations Bureau

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 865-215-7548

Deputy Chief Cindy Gass is the Commander of the Knoxville Police Department’s Field Operations Bureau. She began her career in law enforcement in 1979 and has 43 years of experience with the Knoxville Police Department. Positions held within the department include patrol officer, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, criminal investigator, juvenile investigator, property crimes investigator, Teleserve supervisor, Negotiation Unit Commander, West District Commander, Captain, Deputy Chief, and Management Services Division Commander. Deputy Chief Gass was also responsible for  implementing and commanding the police department’s Peer Support Team. She attended Bellevue University where she received a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Captain WillisCaptain Tony Willis
Field Operations Bureau
West District Commander

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 865-215-7576

Captain ShafferCaptain Sammy Shaffer
Field Operations Bureau
Central District Commander

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 865-215-7548

Captain Sammy Shaffer is assigned to the Field Operations Bureau as the Central District Commander. The Central District encompasses South Knoxville, Fort Sanders, the area surrounding the University of Tennessee campus, and Downtown Knoxville. Captain Shaffer has been with the KPD since 2001 and has served as a patrol officer, bicycle officer, patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant over Homeland Security/Emergency Management, and Training Director of the police academy. He also previously served on the department's Special Operations Squad and Bomb Squad. Captain Shaffer has completed the Southeastern Leadership Academy and has a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Administration.

Captain LongCaptain Nevin Long
Field Operations Bureau
East District Commander

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 865-215-7548 

Captain Nevin Long is the commander of the Knoxville Police Department’s East District and oversees all field operations in the East and North Knoxville communities. Captain Long has been with KPD since 2002 and has served as a patrol officer in the East District and a supervisor in the West District. He has also been an investigator in the Property Crimes Unit and the Violent Crimes Unit, as well as a supervisor in the Special Crimes Unit. He served on the KPD's Mobile Field Force for 14 years and has either previously or actively been involved in numerous programs and committees within KPD and the community. Most recently, that included several programs directed towards curbing domestic violence and child abuse. Captain Long holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and has completed several command courses throughout his career.


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