Framework, Vision & Concept Design Report

Parks and Recreation Director

Sheryl Ely
[email protected]
(865) 215-4311

Lakeshore Park
5930 Lyons View Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Knoxville's Urban Wilderness Concept Design Report The Framework, Vision and Concept Design Report for Knoxville's Urban Wilderness Gateway Park Project was presented at a community meeting on Sept. 18. This document establishes guiding principles and a conceptual design framework for the James White Parkway Corridor, making the connection between East Knoxville, Downtown and South Knoxville by parkland and greenways.

Programming and priorities were set through site analysis, community engagement and public meetings. This information assisted in creating a phased approach for the transformation of the corridor to a linear park.

This content, as well as Phase One and future phase projects, are outlined in the report. Resources highlighting other projects in the South Knoxville area as well as supplemental information that influenced the plans are found in the appendix.

Click here to view the full report in PDF format (30MB).

Smaller PDF files of each section of the report are also available below: 

1. Project Background & Existing Conditions [PDF]
2. Outreach & Engagement [PDF]
3. Framework [PDF]
4. Phase 1 Projects [PDF]
5. Future Phase Projects [PDF]
6. Appendices [PDF]
Appendix A: James White Parkway Traffic Analysis Report
Appendix B: James White Parkway Urban Wilderness Traffic Investigation
Appendix C: Traffic Engineering Report 
Appendix D: Traffic Engineering Report
Appendix E: Planting & Ecology
Appendix F: Online Survey
Appendix G: Stakeholder Comment Log