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Tour the Public Safety Complex
Mayor Kincannon took a recent tour of the new Public Safety Complex in North Knoxville. Phased move-in will continue throughout the next few months as construction wraps up. Once complete, the Knoxville Police and Fire Departments, the E911 backup system, Pension System offices and City Court will all be on this revitalized North Knoxville campus. We can’t wait to celebrate with the community and have you see this investment first-hand!

The three-year reconstruction project to transform a vacated North Knoxville hospital into the City's Public Safety Complex will be substantially completed by the end of 2022/early 2023, with employees and operations moving in incrementally.

The Public Safety Complex consists of three repurposed former St. Mary's Hospital office buildings between St. Mary Street and Huron Street, near Woodland Avenue, just west of Fulton High School.

The cluster of buildings will serve as a combined complex for the Police and Fire Departments, the E911 backup system, Pension System offices and City Court operations.

Additionally, the City cleared the northern end of the former hospital campus to make room for future private redevelopment - likely, new housing and green space. The private redevelopment will be anchored by the stalwart, stately and iconic 1929 Building, the original St. Mary's Hospital, which was carefully preserved and safeguarded by the City and its contractors. By clearing the site of obsolete, unusable buildings that had for decades surrounded the 1929 Building, this marble-accented architectural gem is now free-standing and visible from all directions.

Next door, at the former Magdalen Clarke Tower, Lincoln Memorial University is privately investing $40 million and will graduate hundreds of nursing and dental students each year. A tree-lined LMU-funded quadrangle is planned, adjacent to the new City Court.

On the south side of the site, the City, Knox County and McNabb Center are partnering to convert the 25,000-square-foot former St. Mary's Ambulatory Surgery Center into an urgent care and behavioral health facility.

By the time the Public Safety Complex opens, the City will have invested more than $70 million to consolidate key government services, prevented a vacant hospital campus from devolving into blight, and supported and enhanced with various private partners the surrounding North Knoxville neighborhoods.

Mayor Madeline Rogero announced initial plans for the Public Safety Complex in her April 27, 2018 State of the City budget address.

New Green Space at the Center of the Public Safety Complex

LMU Rendering

LMU RenderingHere are concept renderings, courtesy of Lincoln Memorial University and Sparkman and Associates Architects, of what the public green space by the Safety Complex may look like in the near future.

LMU this semester began offering nursing programs in the Magdalen Clarke Tower (the tallest building on the site), after renovating the first two floors of the tower and the parking garage. LMU is proposing a new west-facing entrance into Clarke Tower, connecting with a public quadrangle-type green space.

These rendering offer the view looking eastward. To the left is the historic 1929 Building, the original St. Mary's, with its parapets and marble accents. To the right is the City's Public Safety Complex - three repurposed hospital buildings that will house Police, Fire, City Court, E-911 and Pension System offices and operations.

No timeline has been announced for the new Magdalen Clarke Tower entrance and quad, but the Public Safety Complex is scheduled to open in summer 2022, and the site will be at least preliminarily landscaped by then.

Aerial View of the Public Safety Complex Construction Site

Safety Complex Aerial

Below is an overall site plan presented to Mayor Indya Kincannon on February 13, 2020.

St Mary's Overall Site Plan
Click here to view the full presentation



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