Downtown North Initial Project Plans

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The area known as Downtown North evolved as an outcome of the Fifth & Broadway Task Force. Please see the Project History section of the Downtown North page for information on the Task Force. 

Downtown North was further developed by the Broadway, Central, Emory Place Small Area Plan (MPC, 2007) and the I-275/Central Street Corridor Study (MPC, 2007). In the same year, Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation (KCDC) working from the ideas presented in these plans adopted the Downtown North I-275 Corridor Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan and created a redevelopment area by the same name. All of these plans were endorsed by the Mayor and adopted by City Council. 

Broadway, Central, Emory Place Small Area Plan Summary:
This area is a gateway to the downtown and serves as a commercial hub for some of Knoxville’s earliest suburbs. The recommendations in the plan include the following: Rehabilitate/redevelop the Central Street Corridor; Enhance neighborhood stability; Create a “Downtown North”, Improve Broadway’s aesthetic character; and Enhance non-motorized transportation systems and alleys.
View Plan [PDF]

I-275/Central Street Corridor Study Summary:
The purposes of this study are to foster economic development and to reverse the environmental degradation within the I-275 corridor. The plan includes a Vision Statement, an Introduction, an assessment of I-275 Corridor Constraints, Infrastructure Improvement Recommendations, Economic and Land Development Recommendations, and Project Sheets that outline action plans. 
View Study [PDF]

Downtown North I-275 Corridor Redevelopment and Urban Renewal Plan Summary:
The concepts, which are presented in this redevelopment and urban renewal plan, are based on two documents of the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC): The I-275/North Central Street Corridor Study, and The Broadway-Central-Emory Place Small Area Plan. This plan also establishes the project boundary, notes existing conditions, states redevelopment plan goals and objectives, shows the relationship to local objectives, discusses the redevelopment process, establishes plans regarding land use and financing, and stipulates policy regarding land acquisition, relocation, land disposition, interim use, property management, plan amendments and severability.