PARC Community Complaint Form

Executive Director

Jered Croom
(865) 215-3869

400 Main St., Room 532
Knoxville, TN 37902

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This form is ONLY to file a complaint on POLICE MISCONDUCT.

Contact Info: send email to  [email protected], call 865-215-3869, or fax 865-215-2211.

Non-Police Related Complaints: If you have a complaint about about other City Services please use the 311 Miscellaneous Request Form to report your concerns. 

PARC Community Complaint Form
Zip Code
Phone #
* Email Address
The City of Knoxville Police Advisory and Review Committee is requesting information on gender and ethnicity for statistical purposes. It is optional to answer these demographic questions. We value your concern and willingness to provide us with the requested information.
Gender / Sex
Ethnicity / Ethnic Background
Type of Complaint
I do hereby state and affirm that the following Officer(s) with the listed Badge/ID Number(s) below committed the acts of misconduct/violation of Rights Complaint, in the following incident.
Officer's Name(s)
Officers's Badge/ID Number(s)
* Time of Incident
* Date of Incident
Citation Number (If applicable)
* Location of Incident
Witness(s) Name(s) and Contact Information
* Description of Complaint/Incident
* Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be filled on this form.
Upon submission, I understand that the information provided in this statement is true and factual to the best of my knowledge and that the statement will become public record once filed.

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