North Knoxville Community Open House 02/09/23

Chief of Urban Design and Development

Rebekah Jane Justice
[email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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North Knoxville Community Open House

February 9, 2023 Meeting

A North Community Open House was held on February 9, 2023 at Fulton High School library located at 2509 N. Broadway. Below is a brief recap of some of the details.

Attendees could visit a number of stations highlighting various projects happening in and around the former St. Mary’s site and had the opportunity to provide their thoughts and input on a number of topics.

The redevelopment of the rest of the St. Mary’s site was a focal point with six stations showing access, connectivity, greenspace and conceptual plans. The two below images highlight some of the key details that were shared. 

Click on images below to see full view in PDF format
Board 3 image
Board 5 image


Tentatively coming in early March, the City of Knoxville will make several property changes to the St. Mary’s site. These include the following:

• transfer 55’ of additional property to LMU for an enhanced entryway into the building from the lawn;
• make the remaining lawn space to Huron Street permanent green space;
• enter into an agreement with LMU to provide maintenance, beautification, and upkeep of the greenspace for as long as they own the building;
• and to transfer the remaining property to KCDC to begin the process of redevelopment.

As the City’s redevelopment agent, KCDC will provide ongoing updates to the community on the status of the project. The image below provides some context to these upcoming property details. 

St Mary's Property Intent Map


In addition to the $70M investment the City of Knoxville has made in the new Safety Complex for KPD, City Court, and KFD, Helen Ross McNabb Center and LMU were both on site to discuss their initiatives. Helen Ross plans to open urgent and behavioral care clinics on the corner of Woodland and St. Mary’s, but construction is not expected to start until approximately summer of this year. Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) has invested more than $55 M to date in their educational tower that hosts the Caylor School of Nursing and the LMU College of Dental Medicine. LMU is operating a dental clinic on site for the public and continues to grow their educational programming on site.


Other station topics at the meeting included:
Fulton High School – Public Service Academy
KAT – KAT Reimagined & Accelerated Bus Corridor
Engineering – Hall of Fame Interchange; Coker & Atlantic Improvements
Parks & Rec – Christenberry Playground & Greenways
Engineering – Broadway & Woodland Streetscapes


St. Mary's North Master Plan Boards [PDF] (15MB)

St. Mary's Property Intent Map [PDF] (24MB)


Any follow up questions should be directed to Cheryl Ball at [email protected].
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