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Public Works Service Center Shawn Fitzpatrick, P.E.
Civil Engineering Chief
[email protected]
Fax:  865-215-6109

Public Works Service Center
3131 Morris Ave.
Knoxville TN 37909 


• The Civil Engineering Division provides professional civil engineering and surveying services to develop City of Knoxville Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) and provides support for other City departments.  The Division is responsible for the design and construction management of all street, bridge, sidewalk, greenway, park, public facility and drainage projects through a combination of in-house expertise and professional service contracts.

• Conducts regular inspections and maintenance of city infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, bridges, drainage facilities and greenways.)

• Prepares miscellaneous survey and design projects to support other city departments.

• Coordinates ROW permits and street cuts.

• Maintains standard specifications and details for use on city contracts and other projects.

• Works with neighborhood groups, City Council, TDOT and other local and state agencies.

• Develops and maintains a survey control network to ensure a consistent coordinate system throughout the City, and publishes survey control data for use by KGIS, surveyors, engineers, developers and other interested parties.

All construction work within public right-of-way must meet or exceed the City of Knoxville Standard Details and Technical Specifications.

The Civil Engineering Division also monitors and inspects any utility work within the public right-of-way through City ROW Construction Permits (or also called street cut permits). 

The Civil Engineering Division conducts surveys for city projects and maintains a growing network of  3D survey control points. The network is based on the Tennessee Coordinate System of 1983 (the same grid system used by KGIS) to allow engineers, surveyors and developers to perform accurate surveys that match city grid coordinates and elevations. The network is tied to the Tennessee Geodetic Reference Network (TGRN,) 2007 Readjustment.


The Civil Engineering Division may be contacted at 865-215-6100. Non-emergency requests may be faxed to 865-215-6109 or sent to [email protected]. After normal business hours (8 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday,) please contact Police Dispatch at 865-215-4010 for emergency calls.


Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)
Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)
City Stormwater Engineering (Land Development Manual, BMP Manual)
City Transportation Engineering Division (Traffic Investigations, Traffic Counts)