Workshop Handouts and Presentations 2017

Neighborhood Coordinator

Debbie Sharp
[email protected]
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 546
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Here -- in PDF format -- are the handouts and Power Point presentations for the 2017 Neighborhood Conference. These files are organized by session number and name. These are all of the presentations and handouts provided by the speakers to the Office of Neighborhoods.

A-3 How to Save on Your Utility Bill
KUB Meters
Tips for Reducing Your Utility Bill

A-4 Creative Placemaking
Creative Placemaking (Gerry Moll)

A-5 Engaging Neighbors to Build Your Neighborhood Organization
Island Home Park Presentation
Recruiting and Retaining Members Handout

A-6 Youth Recreation Opportunities
Boy Scouts of America Handout

A-7 HOA Legal Issues
Attorney Wayne Kline Presentation 1
Attorney Wayne Kline Presentation 2

A-8 Pets, Wildlife and Nuisance Animals
Humane Society

A-10 Understanding the City Budget
Presentation by City Finance Director Jim York

A-11 Zoning and Why You Should Care
Presentation by MPC Executive Director Gerald Green

B-4 Fight the Blight
City Solutions for Solving Blight Issues (Cheri Hollifield)
Marble City Neighborhood Presentation

B-8 Fighting Crime in Your Neighborhood
Nuisance Injunctions (Sean McDermott, Asst. Attorney General)

B-9 Neighborhood Walkability
Greenway Corridor Feasibility and Assessment

B-10 Funding Resources for Neighborhood Groups
Holston Hills Hand-out
Tips on Writing Successful Grant Applications (Grants Consultant Mary Linda Schwarzbart)
Holton Hills Presentation

B-11 Creative Event Making
Edgewood Park Events Check List
Event Check List
North Hills - Home Tour Hand-out
North Hills - Home Tour Brochure
RiverHill Gateway Event Planning
Timbercrest Neighborhood Events