Statement on Executive Orders 1-27-17

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Mayor Madeline Rogero issued the following statement on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, in response to questions raised following recent presidential executive orders on immigration:

"Like mayors across the country, I am concerned by both the tone and the potential impacts of recent executive orders on immigration. Our nation and our cities are built on the dedication and dreams of generations of immigrants and refugees from around the globe. We are enriched both economically and culturally by the hard work and diversity of our newly arrived residents.

As a nation, every time we have let fear of newcomers drive our politics and our policies, we have made terrible mistakes that have betrayed the spirit and the promise of our founding. We do not set national immigration policy at the city level, but we will work within the law to ensure that Knoxville remains a welcoming place for everyone.

KPD Chief David Rausch and I share a commitment to serving and protecting everyone in our community. When our police officers respond to a call, they do not ask about immigration or citizenship status. That is not part of our jurisdiction, and it is important that everyone feels comfortable calling for help when they need it."