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  UT Football Schedule
2023 Home Games:
Austin Peay - Sept. 9
UTSA - Sept. 23
South Carolina - Sept. 30
Texas A&M - Oct. 14
UConn - Nov. 4
Georgia - Nov. 18
Vanderbilt - Nov. 25
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  UT Game Day Parking Page
  Downtown Game Day Parking Map [PDF]
  Neyland Stadium & Other UT Facilities
  Downtown Knoxville Parking
  PBA's Game Day Parking Info
  Map of Downtown Knoxville [PDF]
  TDOT Smartway Traffic Cams Downtown
  KAT Fixed Bus Routes and Football Service Options
The sporting events at the University of Tennessee play a big part of living in Knoxville. 

Whether you are a Knoxville resident rooting for the Big Orange or trapped in the traffic patterns caused by Big Orange fans, you can't avoid the University of Tennessee and its events. 

Gathered here are links to traffic patterns for football games, parking maps and rates, links and more!

Traffic Patterns BEFORE UT Football Game: 

• U.T. Drive - One way south and east from Volunteer Blvd. to Lake Loudoun Blvd. 
• Peyton Manning Pass - One way east from Volunteer Blvd. to P. Fulmer Way. Road will close 3 hours prior to kickoff.
• Phillip Fulmer Way between Middle Drive and Lake Loudoun Blvd - Closed 3 hours prior to kickoff.
• 30 minutes prior to kickoff - The remainder of Phillip Fulmer Way, Middle and Lower Drives will close to vehicles. 

Traffic Patterns AFTER UT Football Game: 

• Alcoa Hwy - Ramps from Alcoa Hwy to Neyland Dr. closed by TDOT 
• Kingston Pike - Eastbound closed at southbound Alcoa Hwy. 
• Lake Loudoun Blvd. - All lanes one way south from Volunteer Blvd. to Neyland  Dr.
• Neyland Drive - One way east from Lake Loudon Blvd. to I-40 and one way west from Lake Loudoun Blvd. to Kingston Pike: Southbound Lake Loudoun Blvd lanes turn west onto Neyland Dr., Northbound Lake Loudoun Blvd lanes turn east onto Neyland Dr., Westbound Neyland Dr. closed at Walnut St., Eastbound Neyland Dr. closed at Kingston Pike, Eastbound Neyland Dr. Ramp to Hall of Fame closed
• Phillip Fulmer Way - One way south from Andy Holt Ave. to Lake Loudoun Blvd. One way north from Peyton Manning Pass to Cumberland Ave. for buses only. Southbound P. Fulmer closed at Cumberland Ave.
• Peyton Manning Pass - One way west from Phillip Fulmer Way to Volunteer Blvd. 
• 17th St - Closed southbound at Clinch Ave. All traffic detoured to westbound Clinch Ave. All traffic goes west on Clinch Ave. to 22nd St.
Volunteer Blvd. West - Closed at Cumberland Avenue. All traffic on Volunteer Blvd will be diverted onto Joe Johnson Dr. to Neyland Dr.
• Cumberland Ave. - Westbound closed at Henley St.
• 11th St. - Closed southbound at Western Ave. with no southbound traffic between Western and Cumberland Ave. All traffic from side streets and 11th St. garage will go north on 11th St.
• Locust - Closed at Hill Ave.
• Henley - No left turn allowed onto Church Ave.


Blackstock Avenue Parking Lot
640 Blackstock Avenue 
$50 RV per day
$20 Cars
City County Building Garage
400 Main Street - MORE INFO
Civic Coliseum
500 Howard Baker Jr Blvd

• More info at 865-215-8900 or
$10 Cars

$40 Bus

RV & Hookup Parking Info
Dwight Kessel Garage
900 State Street - MORE INFO
Fort Kid Lot
1050 World's Fair Park Dr.
Langley Garage
407 Walnut St. - MORE INFO
Locust Street Garage
540 Locust Street - MORE INFO
Main Street Garage
550 West Main Street - MORE INFO
Market Square Garage
406 Walnut Street - MORE INFO
Poplar Street Parking Lot
906 Poplar Street - MORE INFO
State Street Garage
500 State Street - MORE INFO
Tyson Park Lot - near tennis courts)
Entrance from S. Concord St
World's Fair Park North Lower Lot
820 Grand Ave.

These rates are subject to change.

For more information about the location of these garages please visit or

Clinch Ave.
Look for meters from 18th St. to 22nd St.
Lake Avenue
Look for meters from Melrose Pl to Volunteer Blvd.
Laurel Avenue
Look for meters from 20th St to 21st St.
Locust St.
Look for meters from Main St. to W. Hill Ave.
Terrace Avenue
Look for meters from 18th St to 19th St.
W. Hill Avenue
Look for meters from S. Broadway St. to Henley St.
White Avenue
Look for meters from 13th St. to 22nd St.
World's Fair Park Drive
Look for meters from 11th St. to Clinch Ave.
13th Street
Look for meters from Cumberland Ave. to White Ave.
14th Street
Look for meters from Clinch Ave. to White Ave.
16th Street
Look for meters from Clinch Ave. to Cumberland Ave.
18th Street
Look for meters from Cumberland Ave. to White Ave.
19th Street
Look for meters from Clinch Ave. to White Ave.
20th Street
Look for meters from Laurel Ave. to Highland Ave.
21st Street
Look for meters from Laurel Ave. to Clinch Ave.
Price is $25 per space per game for all day.
Credit cards only can be used at the parking meter.
Click here for a map of metered locations.

Game Day Parking rates begin at 7 a.m. on Saturday games.