Downtown Summit Archive

Chief of Urban Design and Development

Rebekah Jane Justice
[email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Downtown Summit
Improving downtown Knoxville started with the Mayor's Downtown Summit Sept. 16, 2004. The Summit provided information on the Mayor's and city's approach to downtown and the status of special projects as well as provided an opportunity for city officials to hear suggestions and answer questions on a wide variety of issues and concerns to those who live, work and play downtown. 

Notes from Breakout Sessions at Downtown Summit, Sept. 16, 2004
Central Library Comments [PDF]
Downtown Development Comments [PDF]
Public Projects Comments [PDF]
Quality of Life Comments [PDF]
Tourism & Special Events Comments [PDF]

Downtown Advisory Committee
Following this Summit, the Downtown Advisory Committee was created by the Mayor in Oct. 2004 to aid in identifying priorities needed to spur continued private investment, provide a realistic execution plan with available resources in mind, promote downtown's role as the heart of the city with diverse activities and events, and address priorities identified by participants in the Downtown Summit. 

Meeting Notes from the Downtown Advisory Committee (DAC)
DAC Meeting #3 Minutes, 01/19/05 [PDF]
DAC Meeting #2 Minutes, 12/08/04 [PDF]
DAC Meeting #1 Minutes, 11/17/04 [PDF] 
DAC Priority Projects List [PDF]
DAC Improvement Strategy Outline [PDF]

Downtown Improvement Strategy Report
The City of Knoxville held public meetings to review and elicit public comments on the downtown improvement strategy recommended by the Downtown Advisory Committee. 
View Downtown Improvement Strategy Report [PDF]
View Public Comments about Report [PDF]