Brush Collection

Public Service Director

Chad Weth
[email protected]
(865) 215-2060

3131 Morris Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37909

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Due to constantly changing circumstances, we may be unable to run on schedule. Please be assured your brush will get collected. Thank you for your patience.

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Leaf Collection Compost

Brush Collection for City of Knoxville Residents Begins in March

The City of Knoxville Public Service crews collect brush every two weeks from March through October. Crews typically use the last few days of October to transition equipment from brush to leaf collection.

Collection crews will be working on a week-of pickup schedule.

Previously brush crews operated on a day-of schedule in which residents were assigned a specific day for brush to be collected. To expedite brush pickup, brush will now be collected on a week-of basis. Public Service crews will follow the same route to visit each residence every two weeks.

Click here to find out when your next brush pickup is scheduled.

Why the change?

The volume of brush set out by residents varies. Day-of collection confined our operations to a strict schedule and did not allow crews to work ahead on light brush weeks. Brush trucks will still run each street in the City every two weeks during brush season.

Having crews pickup brush continuously throughout the whole day increases efficiency. On light weeks, brush crews will be able to provide increased services and support to other areas of city public works.

How do I take advantage of this City service?

Set brush out by 7 am on Monday the week of your brush collection. Brush trucks will still run each street every two weeks.

How do I know which week is my week?

Click here and enter your address or call 311.

26,000 tons of yard waste collected last year

Last year the Public Service Department collected over 26,000 tons of yard waste. Service area crews collect brush and other household yard waste every other week from March to October. Brush pickup is suspended during the annual fall leaf collection season.

2024 Brush Pickup CalendarIs your brush ready for pickup?

Placement is critical because the City uses equipment to collect brush.

Use this simple checklist to ensure your brush is ready for collection:

• Place brush where equipment can reach without damaging your property (i.e. away from mailboxes, parked vehicles, utility poles/meters, landscaping, fences, etc.)

• The pile should be within 5 feet of the street; front of property is highly preferred

• Brush pile should not exceed 6' x 6' x 6'

• Brush must be kept separate from trash and cannot include construction or demolition materials

• No stumps or branches larger than 12 inches in diameter

• No trees or branches from contractors providing tree services - those contractors should remove materials from owner's property. Large brush piles left by contractors will not be collected and will be flagged by Codes Enforcement.

• Do not pile brush on public property like medians, islands, sidewalks, greenways, or other public property.

• One pile per property address - multiple piles along the property line significantly reduce efficiency.

• Be sure not to block access to sidewalks or other public infrastructure. Brush placed in alleys is typically collected last due to the need for specialized equipment.

Please Note - Open Burning Prohibited

Open burning is prohibited within city limits, except as provided by the Fire Prevention Code and state and local air pollution control regulations. Knox County residents can obtain a burning permit by contacting the Knox County Department of Air Quality Management at 865-215-5900. 

View Brush Pickup Schedule [PDF]