Parking for Boomsday Celebration

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Parking for Boomsday Celebration

Posted: 09/01/2010
The City of Knoxville will offer free parking for Boomsday in its Market Square and State Street Parking Garages and Blackstock Avenue parking lot this Sunday.

Three other publicly-owned parking lots in downtown, the Promenade Parking Garage (KUB), the State Street surface parking lot (Knox County), and the Poplar Street Parking Lot (Knoxville Convention Center) will also offer free parking for Boomsday.

Boomsday parking rates in the other city-owned garages will be $5 for Boomsday. Those city-owned garages and parking lots that will cost $5 include the City County Building, Main Avenue, Dwight Kessel and Locust Street Parking Garages.

Boomsday Parking:


Blackstock Avenue Parking Lot/Free
Market Square Garage/Free
Poplar Street Parking Lot/Free
Promenade Parking Garage/Free
State Street Garage/Free
State Street Surface Parking Lot/Free
City County Building Garage/$5
Dwight Kessel Garage/$5
Locust Street Garage/$5
Main Avenue Garage/$5