Register Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Coordinator

David Massey
(865) 215-3232

400 Main St., Room 528
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Neighborhood organizations in Knoxville - including homeowner groups and neighborhood watches - are encouraged to register with the Office of Neighborhoods. This is the way to be listed in the Knoxville Neighborhood Directory.

How do we register?

There are two ways to register. 

1) Electronic Copy: Download the PDF form. After saving the form to your computer, please fill it out, saving it as you go. When you are finished, e-mail it to

Note: You need Adobe Reader, a free program, to open a PDF document. Click here to download a copy of Adobe Reader. 

2) Hard Copy: Call us at 865-215-3232. We will mail you a hard-copy version for you to fill out and mail back to us. 

Why register?

By registering your organization, you will ensure that your group receives regular communications from the Office of Neighborhoods. Notices include a wide range of topics, such as zoning questions, the neighborhood small grants program, classes and seminars offered by the Office of Neighborhoods, and invitations to city-wide meetings of neighborhood representatives. 

Also, your organization’s contact information will be posted on this Website, making it easier for interested parties to reach you. Those who may want to contact you include businesses, churches, schools, property developers, newcomers - and even current neighborhood residents. 

What is a Neighborhood Organization?

A neighborhood organization is a group of residents who come together regularly to build community and address issues affecting the quality of life in their neighborhood, the boundaries of which they define. The organization should be resident-controlled. 

Organizations come in all sizes and types. They can be crime watch groups that cover just one or two blocks … incorporated, tax-exempt homeowners assocations that cover several square miles … and anything in between. Tenant organizations and condo associations are included in this definition. 

The Office of Neighborhoods encourages neighborhood organizations to seek the participation of all residents, property owners, institutions and businesses within their defined boundaries. 

Not Yet Organized?

If you and your neighbors do not have an organization, or the organization is dormant, the Office of Neighborhoods may be able to help. Call us at 865-215-3232.