Neighborhood Codes Enforcement Program on CTV

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Neighborhood Codes Enforcement Program on CTV

Posted: 04/26/2010
During an average month the City of Knoxville's Neighborhood Codes Enforcement Division will receive nearly 1,000 requests for service ranging from complaints about overgrown lots and dilapidated buildings to abandoned cars and illegal dumping.

During the same period of time the city will field roughly 1,000 questions from residents related to codes enforcement issues. That makes the Codes Enforcement Division - part of the city's Public Service Department - one of the busiest and most visible elements of Knoxville's city government.

You can learn more about what Neighborhood Codes Enforcement does and what constitutes violations of the city's ordinances in a program currently running on Community Television of Knoxville or CTV.

The show features Chad Weth, planning and personnel coordinator with the Public Service Department, and Neighborhood Codes Enforcement Manager Robert Moyers.

Weth and Moyers will discuss things like what is the purpose of codes ordinances, what's the process when a codes enforcement officer receives a complaint as well as show examples of violations.

The Neighborhood Codes Enforcement program is scheduled to run:

11 p.m., Monday, April 26
Midnight, Thursday, April 29
1:30 p.m., Saturday, May 1
7:30 p.m., Sunday, May 2
7 p.m., Monday, May 3