Helicopter to Deliver Inverter for Solar Array

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Helicopter to Deliver Inverter for Solar Array

Posted: 12/27/2010
Ameresco will be using a helicopter on Tuesday, December 28, to deliver an inverter for the new solar array on the roof of the Knoxville Convention Center as well as a new chiller for the center's HVAC system.

The work will begin at 8 a.m. and is expected to continue until at least mid-morning.

Both the inverter and the chiller are being installed as part of the City of Knoxville's ongoing program of energy improvements being made through its contract with Ameresco, an energy services company.

The 28.5 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the convention center will be the largest solar array within the city when it is completed. The city is also working on plans to install a 90 kW system there at a later date.

The city and Ameresco entered into a $19 million energy conservation package in 2009 for improvements that will reduce the city's energy costs and consumption. The savings generated by those measures are expected to pay for their installation and maintenance at the city's 99 buildings, 37 ballparks/athletic fields and three golf courses.