Indya Kincannon
(865) 215-2040

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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We celebrated many important milestones in Knoxville last year. Our City workforce dependably delivers. Our employees are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the efficiency and value of City services. At the same time, we are making key strategic long-range investments to make Knoxville a greener and more vibrant community with new jobs, a growing economy and increased opportunities. We have a first-rate City of Knoxville workforce, a team that takes pride in doing jobs well and is committed to careful stewardship of public resources. 

View 2018 Year in Review  |  [PDF]


What does a year mean at the City of Knoxville? It means some pretty impressive statistics: Our Police Department responded to more than 200,000 calls for service; our 311 Call Center specialists answered more than 166,000 queries; our Engineering Department oversaw the repaving of more than 50 miles of City streets and the replacement or construction of more than 18,000 linear feet of sidewalk; the Fire Department responded to more than 21,000 calls for emergency service and its Fire Prevention Division performed more than 3,000 property inspections; the Special Events Office coordinated plans for more than 1,500 festivals, races, fundraisers and concerts; and our Public Service Department completed more than 4,000 work orders, ranging from pothole repairs to greenway construction and ditch cleaning. 

View 2017 Year in Review   |   [PDF]


As we begin a new year that promises to be busy and productive at the City of Knoxville, we always find it valuable to look back at the year we just concluded. So I am pleased to present you with the detailed attached report, in which all of our City departments and offices have summarized their activities and accomplishments in 2016. As you can see from the report’s 70+ pages, we have been busy! We opened the first new City park in a dozen years, Suttree Landing on the South Waterfront. We renovated the historic Administration Building at Lakeshore Park and moved our Parks and Recreation staff there. We opened a brand-new Public Works Service Center on Morris Avenue, modernizing and consolidating our service departments in an attractive new building with accessible public meeting space.

View 2016 Year in Review   |   [PDF]


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