Symposium to Focus on Stormwater Regulations

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Kristin Farley
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Symposium to Focus on Stormwater Regulations

Posted: 02/07/2013
New stormwater regulations are taking effect for builders and developers, and a symposium in Knoxville next week will help explain existing and forthcoming requirements. The Site Development Symposium, sponsored by the City of Knoxville, Knox County and the Tennessee Stormwater Association, will take place Feb. 13th and 14th at the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Knoxville.


Free Parking

1. The parking area on the west side of Gay Street between W. Jackson Ave and the railroad tracks will be available for free on Feb 13th and Feb 14th for Symposium parking. This parking lot is about 3 blocks from the Crowne Plaza.
2. The parking area in the Old City on Willow Ave under the James White Parkway bridges will be available for free on Feb 13th and Feb 14th for Symposium parking. This parking lot is about 6 blocks from the Crowne Plaza.

Pay Parking

1. The garage in the Crowne Plaza.
2. Market Square Garage located at Walnut Street and Wall Avenue. "This is a chance for people directly affected by stormwater regulation to get information and ask questions about standards for stormwater management. We will be emphasizing Low-Impact Development practices, which allow for top-quality development that is also environmentally sound," said Brent Johnson, Engineering Planning Chief of the Stormwater Division in the City's Department of Engineering.

Among the topics to be covered at the symposium are:

A new requirement that the first 1 inch of rainfall be captured on-site and not allowed to run off. Strategies for achieving this include green roofs and pervious paving.

Knoxville and Knox County's participation in the state's new Qualifying Local Program designation, which allows the City and County to issue stormwater permits on behalf of the state. This streamlines the permitting process by removing the need for duplicate local and state review.

On-site erosion prevention and sediment control.

Updates and useful tools added to the local KGIS mapping system.

"The whole purpose of the symposium is to make it easier for developers to be aware of what will be required going forward in the near term, and to get a glimpse into the long term," Johnson said.

Registration for the symposium is booked to capacity, and is closed.