Goodwill Recycling Drop-Off Center Reopens in Bearden

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Goodwill Recycling Drop-Off Center Reopens in Bearden

Posted: 08/19/2013
Goodwill, the City of Knoxville's recycling contractor and partner for operating its drop-off centers, reopened a public recycling drop-off center in Bearden, in partnership with the Shops at Western Plaza in the 4400 block of Kingston Pike.

The center is located in the lower parking lot just west of the shops near the Ice Chalet. It replaces the recycling center that closed in the Bearden Kroger parking lot earlier this summer. The new center has a Goodwill facility for charitable items and containers for recyclable materials including cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, plastics 1-7, glass, steel and aluminum cans.

"We are thrilled about this opportunity to work with Goodwill and the Shops at Western Plaza to reopen a community recycling center," said John Homa with the City's Solid Waste Office. The new location would not be possible without the support of local developer Nick Cazana, owner of the Shops at Western Plaza.

This June the City had to close its recycling center at Kroger in Bearden because Kroger needed the space for a new gas station. "This new location at the Shops at Western Plaza helps those in the area living in apartment complexes or not participating in the City's Curbside Program," Homa said. "Last year, the Bearden drop-off center collected just over 624 tons of material. These materials were diverted from the landfill and contributed to energy and raw materials savings as well as preventing additional air and water pollution."

Mr. Cazana said, "The Goodwill recycling center will be under contract with the Shops at Western Plaza on a month-to-month basis, but we hope that facility is successful and a long term relationship will develop." A Goodwill attendant will be on duty at the center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week.